Rest Days Are Best Days

The Tour de France finished last Sunday in Paris. Three weeks of hard work, suffering, falling and getting back on the bike are done now. Riders are heading home to their wives, dogs, kids or are riding a criterium somewhere in Belgium, Germany or the Netherlands. Luckily for the fans, a lot of riders in the peloton still use Twitter nowadays. Although they didn’t use the media as much as they did last year during the Tour de France. In the days before the start in Utrecht, only a handful of photos were posted on Twitter by the riders. Most of them were taken during the team presentation and were posted by the Tour organisation. Only a few were taken by riders on the little boats that brought them to the podium. Roy Curvers from Team Giant-Alpecin  shows us in his photo that the team enjoyed the time they spent on the boat.

The lion. Whenever you are wearing the yellow jersey, you also win a little fluffy lion. Nice to have for kids, but some riders are holding on to it like trophies. Tony Martin left the Tour after a fall, but he also had to leave his three little lions. They took his spot in the team bus and it wasn’t until Paris that he reunited again with the lions. He’s not the only one getting excited about lions. Chris Froome treats his lions like they are his ‘homies’. I mean, sunglasses?

I realise that the riders are spending a lot of time in the bus, but really? Geraint Thomas is almost the worst ‘how to make a photograph in a bus’ guy on this planet. Nice knee, but to whom belong those heads in the front of the bus?
On the other hand, Louis Meintjes knows how to make bus photos. He’s the king of making photos of a bus heading to the start with a bunch of smiling riders in it. I like it. Make some more, dude!

What are rest days for again? Oh yes, to rest. To take an easy ride. Or, take a ride on another… thing. That’s what André Greipel did on the first rest day, stating ‘rest days are best days’. The photo definitely tells us that the statement of Greipel is completely true. Although other teams do take their own bike to go out for a ride, Team Sky was all excited and Team Movistar was making a nice tour through the area. Still, John Degenkolb is the owner of ‘making the best team photos on rest days.’

So far the mornings of the rest days. The afternoon is… quite shocking. Lieuwe Westra shows us how hard it is to ride a tour and we definitely feel for Jos van Emden and Mark Cavendish… but I don’t know what José Serpa and Filippo Pozzato were thinking when this photo was taken? Maybe they weren’t even thinking, because they seem pretty knocked out to me.

In the end, riders forget about pain and suffering and they are just happy that they have made it to Paris. Thibaut Pinot is celebrating his victory, Romain Bardet does so too and now we all know how huge that tongue of Wout Poels is. Thanks for that. And what’s up with the new club? Manuel Quinziato calls it the ‘recovery club’. They joined each other after the stage to the Alpe d’Huez and had a good time together. It looks to me as if they were very happy with the fact that the Tour de France was almost over. Greipel was right about the rest days, but the day in Paris is even better.

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Photos Tour de France 2015 #1

Tour de France 2015 / 4 July / Individual Time Trial Utrecht

The Tour de France started in Utrecht in the Netherlands this year with an individual time trial of 13,8 kilometres. Rohan Dennis (BMC) was the winner at the end of the day, Tony Martin (EQS) the number two and Fabian Cancellara (TFR) the number three. Rohan finished the time trial in 14 minutes and 56 seconds, whereas Martin and Cancellara were five and six seconds slower.

Jack Bauer, Nathan Haas and Sebastian Langeveld (TCG) during the warming up before the time trial. A difficult factor for the riders to overcome was the heat in Utrecht throughout the day. A lot of riders were spotted using cooling vests and ice packs during their warming ups.

Chris Froome (SKY) is the winner of the Tour de France in 2013. His biggest rivals this year are Alberto Contador (TCS), Nairo Quintana (MOV) and last year’s winner Vincenzo Nibali (AST). Froome stated after the opening time trial that he was satisfied with his time.

Dutch cyclist Tom Dumoulin of Team Giant-Alpecin was very disappointed after the time trial. His focus for this year’s Tour de France was to win the time trial, so that he could start in the yellow jersey the next day. Unfortunately he was 8 seconds slower than Dennis.



16 July 2015

Dear Zak,

You are probably on your way home right now. You, Zak Dempster, the hero of yesterday’s stage in the Tour de France. Just after you’d finished, you let your tears run, because you were out of the time limit. Only 28 seconds. You were almost eliminated, but the Tour organisation showed some compassion with you. You were disturbed by people walking on the road on the last mountain, which caused the 28 seconds of delay. You were allowed to stay for another day and you were determined to make it to the finish today; you would try and find a good bus and finish within the time limit. But too much pain due to an injury made that dream disappear after only 69 kilometres. You had to give up.

We, the fans, all felt compassion for you yesterday. We saw the footage of you sitting on the ground, crying out loud. A soigneur of your team was sitting next to you, rubbing your back. It was sweet and sad at the same time. The ‘losers’ of the race are always more interesting to watch than the winners. So when I saw the interview you gave to Dutch television today, I could not agree with what you said about being sensitive. Most of the women on earth do like sensitive guys, because they show their true feelings. The people who think that a man does not cry in public, are just jealous. You know what I think? You might get tons of letters these next days from women all around the world. Maybe they all want to date you. I bet you already have a lot of reactions of women on Twitter, after you stated in a tweet that you will ‘never go on a date again anyway.’ Trust me, you will. Maybe even sooner than you think right now.

Photos Dutch Road Championships 2015 #3

Dutch Road Championships 2015 / 28 June / Elite Men

Before the start of the Dutch Road Championship for Elite Men, almost everyone expected the race to end in a bunch sprint. So therefore it was no surprise that the NOS (a Dutch public broadcaster) interviewed Moreno Hofland (TLJ). The sprinter was one of the favourites for the victory in Emmen. However, when the race of 253 kilometres long started, a head bunch formed during the two parts through Drenthe and managed to create a big gap.

The ten final local laps through Emmen included the new tunnel, which recently opened for vehicles and will also be included in the criterium the Gouden Pijl in Emmen. During the final laps, the peloton chased the head bunch, but only managed to get them back in the finale. But because of a crash in the final metres, the finale was distorted and Moreno Hofland (TLJ) lost his position and became 5th. Dylan Groenewegen (ROP) was the best ProContintental rider of the day and became 4th. The jury did have to look at the finish photo, because there was hardly a difference between the number three and four.

The local lap through Emmen also included a part through the beautiful green nature the province of Drenthe has to offer. As you can see in the photo above, the riders did not only ride through the city, but also on the countryside. In the final kilometres, Niki Terpstra (EQS) showed that the Dutch Road Championship is a hard race and that this means that not necessarily a sprinter wins a bunch sprint in the finale. It was Niki who managed to beat Ramon Sinkeldam (TGA) and Danny van Poppel (TFR), who became second and third.

It was the 3rd national title for Niki Terpstra and he was very happy with his red-white-blue jersey. His son Luca even joined him on the podium after the official ceremony. Ramon Sinkeldam (TGA) was very disappointed with his second place. When you’re that close to a national title, you don’t settle for second. The race in Emmen was the unique opportunity for the rider to win, but Niki was simply too strong in the end and got to put three fingers up in the air at the end of the day.


Photos Dutch Road Championships 2015 #2

Dutch Road Championships 2015 / 27 June / Elite Women

It was a race of 144 kilometres for the Women at the Dutch Road Championship in Emmen this year and 139 riders had the privilege to start the race. After a while, quite a lot of riders managed to stay away and form a head bunch. A lot of good riders were present in the group, so it became quite an exciting finale. Annemiek van Vleuten, Iris Slappendel, Chantal Blaak, Lucinda Brand and Amy Pieters: they were all there to compete against each other.

This year the KNWU decided to reward the U23 Women as well. The U23 Men have their own race, but there isn’t a separate race for the Women who are U23. So the U23 riders within the women’s race could win the U23 title and it was Demi de Jong (DLT) this time who became the new Dutch Champion Women U23. Riejanne Markus (PHV) became second and Kelly Markus (RYT) third.

It was Lucinda Brand (RBW) who attacked in the head bunch and, as she has managed before at the nationals in 2013, she stayed away. For the second time in her career the 25-year-old became the Dutch Champion. Amy Pieters (LIV) won the bunch sprint before Annemiek van Vleuten (BCT), who became third.

The two new Dutch Champions: Demi de Jong (DLT) and Lucinda Brand (RBW). “Wauw,” Demi de Jong stated on Twitter. The young talent was certainly happy with her special victory in the U23 category. “Can not say how happy person I’m that I can where this beautiful jersey again. All @raboliv girls /staff tnx!” Lucinda Brand said about her 2nd national title on Twitter. “For some it’s just normal,” her teammate Roxane Knetemann tweeted with a photo of Lucinda Brand carrying a bag with her red-white-blue jersey hanging from it.