Photos Dutch Road Championships 2015 #1

Dutch Road Championships 2015 / 27 June / U23 Men

Emmen was the place to be last June when you love cycling. The city hosted the ‘Wielerweken’ (English: cycling weeks) with all the Dutch Road Championships. From juniors to the elite; they were all there to compete against their peers. The Road Championship for U23 Men started late in the afternoon on Saturday the 27th of June. Mathieu van der Poel (photo) chose to ride the U23 race instead of the elite men race of the next day, because of the big difference in the distance.

We were able to take photos on top of the new tunnel in Emmen, which resulted in photos like the one above. You can find more of these kind of photos in our photo gallery. The U23 race was 170,3 kilometres long and there were 153 participants this year from all over the Netherlands.

The head bunch of the day managed to reach the finish line. In the end, riders tried to attack, but they were caught every time. The peloton also tried to chase back the head bunch, but failed. The head bunch included 16 riders, who had to face a bunch sprint. It was Stan Godrie from the Rabobank Development Team who won the sprint before two guys from the SEG Racing Team. Fabio Jakobsen became second and Davy Gunst became third.

The 2015 podium of the Dutch Road Championships 2015 in the category U23 Men from left to right: Fabio Jakobsen (silver medal), Stan Godrie (gold medal and red-white-blue jersey) and Davy Gunst (bronze medal).


Photos Dutch Time Trial Championships 2015 #2

Dutch Time Trial Championships 2015 / 24 June / Elite Men

Tom Dumoulin (TGA) was the big favorite in the battle for the Dutch National Time Trial Title. However, he had just finished riding the Tour de Suisse, where he managed to win the final stage, a time trial of 38 kilometres. He did everything to prolong his title, but in the end, he had to come to terms with a fourth place. Riders are also human; a time trial of 54 kilometres just after an important race is tough. You could even argue that a fourth place isn’t that bad after all.

It was Wilco Kelderman (TLJ) who even surprised himself and became the fastest rider of the day. In fact, the podium was full of Team LottoNL-Jumbo riders at the end of the day. Kelderman rode the Critérium du Dauphiné to prepare himself for the Tour, so he had more time to recover than Tom Dumoulin. His teammate Rick Flens became second and his other teammate Jos van Emden became third. Kelderman is only 24 years old and is going to ride his first Tour.

Some of the riders finished at the same time; the course was 54 kilometres long, so there was plenty of time to gain seconds on the rider who started before you. The women rode the course once, but the men had to ride it twice. This also meant that they had to go through the new tunnel in Emmen; the new square on top of the tunnel had only recently been finished and was now finally ready to be seen by the public. During the special ‘Wielerweken’ (English: cycling weeks) there were also others events in the city, for example with music and food.

The 2015 podium of the Dutch Time Trial Championships 2015 in the category Elite Men from left to right: Rick Flens (silver medal), Wilco Kelderman (gold medal and red-white-blue jersey) and Jos van Emden (bronze medal).


Photos Dutch Time Trial Championships 2015 #1

Dutch Time Trial Championships 2015 / 24 June / Elite Women

The podium where the start of the Dutch National Time Trial Championships took place stood in Emmen this year. In the photo above, Lucinda Brand (RBW) waits for the official sign from the jury that she is allowed to start her time trial. The women had to ride the 27 kilometres long circuit around Emmen once and Lucinda Brand did that very well. After the race she tweeted: “Wouw fourth at the National #tt but only a few seconds for a medal”.

This year it was Anna van der Breggen (RBW), Lucinda Brandt’s younger teammate, who was the fastest. Her time was thirty-three minutes and thirty-three seconds, which meant that she reached an average of 47,392 kilometres an hour. She had worked hard on her time trial capacities, but she didn’t expect to win. Everything went well during the race and her team had invested in the material of the bike, so she could maintain a fast pace throughout the race.

Ellen van Dijk (DLT) has already won the Dutch Time Trial Championship three times in her career, but this time, she had to give in 29 seconds to the winner. She tweeted: “Another silver medal at TT Nationals definitely doesn’t make me happy, but @AnnavdBreggen was just too strong today. Times don’t lie!” The third place was for Van Dijk’s teammate Chantal Blaak (DLT), who was very happy with her podium place. She tweeted: “Yes on the podium!”

The 2015 podium of the Dutch Time Trial Championships 2015 in the category Women from left to right: Ellen van Dijk (silver medal), Anna van der Breggen (gold medal and red-white-blue jersey) and Chantal Blaak (bronze medal).


One Chance

The Giro d’Italia of this year is an ambitious one and tough to ride.
The organisation tried to please the climbers and added a lot of mountain stages.
Maybe they’ve got their inspiration from the Giro’s held in the past.
It is said by many people that the Giro is the toughest Tour of the year.
This was also in the year 1924, when the organisation decided to add a lot of
mountains and instead of ten stages, there were twelve stages.
You would say that this was going to be a real challenge for the riders.
Challenge or not, the best riders of the year before,
including winner Costante Girardengo and Giovanni Brunero,
had a serious conflict with their teams.
They demanded money from their team for racing the Giro.
The teams, in their turn, demanded money from the organisation.
Nevertheless, the organisation refused to go along with this.
The outcome was that the top riders at that moment did not even start.
Still, there were plenty of good riders left like Bartolomeo Aymo and
Federico Gay, who ended in place third and four in the year before.
And outsider Giuseppi Enrici.
His name sounds Italian, but he wasn’t born in Italy. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When he was a kid, his family returned to the north of Italy.
In the first stages Gay was the leader in the race, but in stage seven he attacked on the climb to Macerone. Soon he could feel his legs and when Enrici made his attack, he couldn’t follow anymore. He lost more than seventeen minutes this day. Enrici took over the first place. The next day the weather was horrible.
It was raining and there was a lot of wind.  Enrici won this stage and Gay lost
forty minutes. The last four stages Enrici suffered a lot, because of
an infected foot, but he never gave up.
He knew that this was his only chance of winning the Giro
and to become the first American born rider who won the tough race.

Photos Ronde van Overijssel Men 2015

Ronde van Overijssel Men 2015 / 2 May / Rijssen

Dennis Coenen (VGS) won last year’s edition of the Ronde van Overijssel. Speaker Harry Middeljans spoke to him during the team presentation before the start of the race (photo above). This year it was time for the 2nd edition of the women’s race, but already the 63rd edition of the men’s race. The men started their race at 12 o’clock and had to ride 200 kilometres through Overijssel. At the end, the riders crossed the finish two times before their final lap through Rijssen.

The Irish talent Conor Dunne from An Post – Chainreaction escaped from the peloton after the Kuiperberg in Ootmarsum. He gained a maximum advantage of two minutes, but his solo ended after the Lemelerberg. After the Holterberg (photo above) many riders decided to attack. In Markelo, this year’s town of the Ronde, Jasper Hamelink (MET) won the sprint. In the final kilometres, a group of eight riders got away, but the sprint trains from Jo Piels and Parkhotel Valkenburg made sure the race ended in a mass sprint.

Jeff Vermeulen from Cyclingteam Jo Piels was the fastest rider in the sprint and crossed the finish line before Marco Zanotti (PHV) and Coen Vermeltfoort (RIJ). Cyclingteam Jo Piels is known for their team spirit; Vermeulen’s teammates crossed the finish line with a smile and were truly happy for him. Vermeulen also became the new leader of the GC in the Topcompetition. Jelle Wolsink (MET), a talented rider from Hengelo, is the new U23 leader in the Topcompetition.

The most combative rider of the day also rides for Cyclingteam Jo Piels. For Joey van Rhee, the roads in Overijssel are not unknown. The talented rider lives in Nijverdal, a town near the start and finish of the Ronde van Overijssel. He even passed through his hometown during the race. One of his gifts was a ‘Snelle Jelle set’ with a sweater and a few of the famous Dutch gingerbreads.


Photos Ronde van Overijssel Women 2015

Ronde van Overijssel Women 2015 / 1 May / Rijssen

After last year’s successful first Women’s edition of the Ronde van Overijssel, the organisation decided to continue with this new international event. The Boels-Dolmans Cycling Team came with Evelyn Stevens, Ellen van Dijk, Chantal Blaak and Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Armitstead to the start of this year’s race. Roxane Knetemann from the Rabo-Liv Women Cycling Team returned after last year’s unsuccessful breakaway. She brought her teammates Anouska Koster, Anna Knauer and Moniek Tenniglo to the Ronde van Overijssel for Women.

Speaker Aschwin Kruders talked to Kelly Druyts from Topsport Vlaanderen Pro Duo, who won a stage in the Holland Ladies Tour and the Trophée d’Or Féminin in 2014, but is even more successful in track cycling. This year’s course was 143 kilometres long. The riders left the Parkgebouw in Rijssen at 15.45 and finished at about 19.25 in the Wijnand Zeeuwstraat in Rijssen. This year’s town of the Ronde is Markelo, where the riders could win a sprint prize.

The first part of the race was not that interesting; the peloton stayed together for a long time. At the end of the race, in the final local circuit, a head bunch escaped from the peloton. They had an advantage of 1 minute and 50 seconds, but there were only 10 seconds left before the finish line. The head bunch sprinted for the victory and Lauren Kitchen from Australia was the fastest rider.

The most combative rider of the day was Natalie van Gogh (PHV), who also became second in the race. The winner of the sprint in Markelo, the town of the Ronde was Anouska Koster (RBW), who became third in the race. Kirsten Wild (HPU) is currently the leader of the GC in the Topcompetition. Anna Knauer (RBW) is the U23 leader in the Topcompetition.