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Creations #20

6 WALLPAPERS Tour de France 2017

Wallpaper TDF 2017 Alps  Wallpaper TDF 2017 Barguil
Wallpaper TDF 2017 Kittel  Wallpaper TDF 2017 Matthews
Wallpaper TDF 2017 Mollema  Wallpaper TDF 2017 Sunflowers

Copyright photos:
ASO, C. Flockton and Sirotti (Sirotti.it)


Two Smiling Boys

Episode 9 – “Two Smiling Boys”

“You’re late, Warren!” Michael looked angry at Warren as he started cycling again. “I have waited ten minutes for you. We are going to be late for school!”
“Sorry, I took the long road,” Warren said. “With that climb in it?” Michael asked. Warren gave him a nod. The two boys were in the same class. Every day they peddled to school together and shared all kind of stories with each other. “Did you learn for that test today?” Warren asked Michael.
“I wanted to, but I started dancing to the music on the television instead.”
“You fool, and you need to get a good grade for French!” Michael sighed. “Yeah, I know… but I prefer English class.”

The school came into sight. Mister Merckx stood outside and saw the two boys coming. “Hurry up!” he yelled at them. The boys looked at each other and started sprinting. Michael was the first boy who entered the playground of the school.
“I won!” he screamed. He stopped his bike and Warren stopped next to him. “You won this time,” Warren said, but I will beat you in the mountains for sure. And now je veux un baguette!” Michael looked puzzled at him: “What?”
“You are so going to fail that test”, Warren said to him. And then both boys started laughing out loud as they walked into the school.

Dear Marcel

29 June 2016

Dear Marcel,

Does it feel good to start in the Tour de France? I can imagine you missed it since you were left out of the selection last year. But let us not talk about that. Last year is finished and done. You have started with a clean sheet. A new team, a new chance. Will you be able to win four stages again? You did that in 2013 ánd 2014. Quite impressive, I must say. And you also know that the yellow jersey is in your reach again this year. The Tour de France does not start with a prologue or a time trial. The first stage is a flat stage to Utah Beach. And it is just the stage for you.

There is one obstacle. His name is André Greipel. You might be in a good form, but so is he. And it is Greipel that is wearing the national jersey of Germany and not you. You lost the sprint last Sunday in Germany. Still, André Greipel knows that the Tour is way different from a one-day race. You could take revenge for losing the nationals on the very first day of the Tour.

Wait, there is another obstacle. His name is Michael Matthews. Yeah, it is the curly one from Australia. He is fast, you know that. His train is absolutely one of the best trains and their goal is to win the first stage and take the yellow jersey.

But apart from those two, I would say the others do not stand one chance. I have seen you sprint in the Giro d’Italia and that was absolutely stunning. You know that another stage win in the Tour is two steps away. Step one is Matthews and step two is Greipel. I cannot wait for the sprints in this year’s Tour de France.


Dancing in Croatia

Dance moves are rare in cycling. The riders usually don’t dance before a race or after winning a race. They wave sometimes or act funny (remember all the ‘wheelies’ from Peter Sagan?), but we don’t know anything about the dancing skills in the peloton. Of course, there are some exceptions. The Australian rider Michael Matthews already showed his dance moves to the fans in 2011. A few years later he showed it again in another video. This time with some of his teammates from Orica-GreenEDGE. Nevertheless, Michael has some serious competition from now on. It comes from the Norwegian rider Sondre Holst Enger. He won the last stage in the Tour of Croatia today. He was happy with the win and on the podium he celebrated this by doing a little dance. Well, a little dance? He made quite a show of it. It looks like he has been practising to do this for a long time. Maybe some of the other riders in the peloton will see his dance moves too. Maybe it will give them some ideas about how to celebrate a win. I will not be surprised if there will be some more dance moves from other riders this season. Bring on the dance moves!

Photos Brabantse Pijl 2016

Brabantse Pijl / 13 April / Leuven-Overijse

The 56th edition of the Brabantse Pijl started in the centre of Leuven, a city in Belgium. It is the final race of the Flemish Spring and the final ‘Flanders classic’. After this race, the Ardennes classics will take place. Michael Matthews (OGE) was one of the favorites for the win, after he became second in 2014 and 2015. Mathew Hayman (OGE) started also in this edition. The winner of Paris-Roubaix was riding around with a big smile in Leuven. Many spectators were shouting his name, tapping him on his shoulders or giving him an applause.

Preben Van Hecke (TSV) surprisingly became the national champion on the road in Belgium last year. He is currently riding for TopSport Vlaanderen – Baloise, a team with young Belgium talents. Although Van Hecke is already 33, he is the road captain of the team. Because of all the experience he has gained over the years, he is an example for his younger teammates.

Tom Dumoulin (TGA) started in the Brabantse Pijl to test his legs after a lot of training hours on his bike. He said before the race that he does not feel as good yet as he felt in last year’s Vuelta. He placed one attack during the Brabantse Pijl, but he could not follow the other riders on the last climb of the race. He became 22nd on 39 seconds and stated afterwards that he was happy with this result.

Petr Vakoc (EQS) won the Brabantse Pijl for the first time in his career. With an impressive jump on the last climb he got away from the peloton and crossed the finish line solo. Enrico Gasparotto (WGG) became second, after he placed several attacks during the race. Tony Gallopin (LTS) became third, just like in 2014.