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Creations #20

6 WALLPAPERS Tour de France 2017

Wallpaper TDF 2017 Alps  Wallpaper TDF 2017 Barguil
Wallpaper TDF 2017 Kittel  Wallpaper TDF 2017 Matthews
Wallpaper TDF 2017 Mollema  Wallpaper TDF 2017 Sunflowers

Copyright photos:
ASO, C. Flockton and Sirotti (Sirotti.it)


Dear Thomas

12 July 2017

Dear Thomas,

This is your last Tour de France. It is actually your last race. At the Champs-Élysées you will ride your final kilometres as a professional cyclist. This is your fifteenth Tour de France. It is the race where it all started for you. Because of that, you thought that it would be a nice honour to also end it here.

I remember the fifth stage in the Tour de France of 2004. You went in the breakaway with five other riders. The group was able to stay away and gained a couple of minutes on the peloton. You did not win that day, but you did claim the yellow jersey. No one thought that you would hold on to that jersey for so many days. You survived the Pyrenees and the whole of France started to believe that there was a possibility that you could actually win that Tour de France. But in the Alps you could not follow the best climbers of the peloton and you had to give up on the ‘yellow dream’.

Afterwards,  you became a national hero in France. The French people saw the next winner of the Tour de France in you. Although you never came close again in the next few years, the fans never gave up hope. In 2009 you won your first stage in the Tour de France, in 2011 you even wore the yellow jersey again for ten days and just missed out on the podium in the final classification. In 2012 you claimed two stage wins and went home with the polka dot jersey.

That is only the Tour de France, I did not even mention the other beautiful wins in your career. Two times national champion of France, victories in the Critérium du Dauphiné and Paris-Nice, winner of the Brabantse Pijl.

Although you were not always loved by the other riders in the peloton or some of the cycling fans, you made it clear during your career that you were on of the most important French riders of your generation. I hope you will enjoy the rest of this Tour de France. If you get the chance in the mountains, make sure you will place a typical ‘Voeckler’ attack, so we can all enjoy that one last time.

Tour Life (4)

The Tour de France is done and dusted. Chris Froome is the winner of the Tour de France. That is just one story. There were 197 other stories in the Tour de France. We can’t hear them all, but through social media we see a little bit of the life of the riders in the Tour de France. So here is one more update.

4 Swimming pool

John Degenkolb and Roy Curvers from Team Giant-Alpecin had plenty of time on the day of the second time trial.  They had an early start and spent the rest of the afternoon in the swimming pool. That is one way to recover.

4 Bryan Coquard last mountain

Bryan Coquard and Adrien Petit (DEN) were happy, because there was only one mountain stage to go. And after that there was the last day to Paris. But, lucky for them, there are no mountains in Paris.

4 Davide Cimolai three weeks doing this

Davide Cimolai from Lampre-Merida putting his numbers on his shirt for the last mountain stage. One of the rituals in the team bus every morning.

4 Michael Schar Damiano Caruso warm up

There are two different ways to do a warming up before a mountain stage. You can either climb on your bike like Michael Schär did, or you can just sit down and relax. That is exactly what Damiano Caruso did and I don’t blame him.

4 Ramunas Navardauskas barber

Yes, you can get your hair done in the Tour de France. There is a real barbershop where the riders can go before every stage. Ramunas Navardauskas (CPT) thought that it was a great idea to go there. Because you have to look good in the mountains.

Nelson Oliviera Movistar barbershop stage 6

See, no joke! Even Nelson Oliveira from Movistar went there. And doesn’t he look nice? With all the beards and long hair in the peloton these days, it was not a bad idea to open up a barbershop for the riders.

4 chris froome little guy

Still, there is no place like home. After three weeks of cycling around France most of the riders want to go home to their families and friends (vacation is number three on the list). This little fellow can’t wait to see his dad again. His dad? That guy on the podium wearing the yellow jersey. Indeed, Chris Froome.

4 Armindo Fonseca

Finally, a real teamselfie! These guys started the Tour de France with nine riders and they end it with nine riders. That is quite impressive. Team Fortuneo – Vital Concept goes home with no victory, but they sure had a good time.

Four Different Stories

24 July 2016

TDF Greg

Three weeks of cycling. Three weeks of hard work, suffering, joy and pain. Three weeks fighting for yellow. Four different riders wearing the yellow jersey. Four smiling boys on the podium. Four different stories.  Only one of them takes the jersey home. It all started with Mark Cavendish (DDD) on Utah Beach. There was no prologue. The Tour de France started with a stage for the sprinters. Cavendish was the fastest of them all and got to wear the yellow jersey. It was an emotional moment for him. He lost the jersey the next day to Peter Sagan (TNK) though. Sagan finally won a stage in the Tour de France again after so many second places. He said that he likes to wear the yellow jersey, but his rainbow jersey looked better on him. After three stages he lost the jersey to Greg van Avermaet (BMC). A heroic solo finish, also enough to take over the yellow jersey. He thought that he was dreaming. A stage win and the yellow jersey. He was overwhelmed and said that it was one of the best days in his career. Of course he would not keep it for a long time. Stage eight was a difficult stage in the mountains and for sure he would lose the jersey there. But to whom? Which of the favorites had the guts to place an early attack? Who could have thought that it was Christopher Froome himself? He went for it and left all the other favorites behind. There was no one that could keep his wheel. He went as fast as he could. It was like the devil was chasing him. He won that stage and took the yellow jersey. He kept it until now. That is class. Wearing the yellow jersey for two weeks is a lot of hard work, not only for himself, but also for the team. They showed, once again, that they were capable of doing that. Froome is the one that takes the yellow jersey home with him tomorrow. For the third time in a row.

Copyright photos: steephill.tv / Sirotti / Reuters

Tour Life (1)

The Tour de France consists out of 21 stages. That is a fact. We, the fans, can all watch the stages on our television,  laptop or smart phone. But the Tour de France is way more than that. It is one of the biggest commercial rollercoasters and the riders are the ones who are taking the ride. So we want to know about them. We can follow their ‘Tour Life’ on social media (Twitter, Instagram) and some of the best photos are shown here. This way, riders let us take a look behind the scenes of the Tour de France. We can enjoy the Tour in another way.

Dan Martin cushions Quickstep floor present

A day before the Tour start, Dan Martin showed us that he was pleased with the gift from his team’s sponsor Quick-Step. This sponsor gave all the nine riders participating in the Tour four different cushions. A yellow one, a green one, a white one and one with polka dots on it. We can all see that Martin’s favorites are the yellow one and the one with the polka dots.

Greg Tejay BMC relaxing after stage 1

And then the race took off. After the first hectic stage, these two boys already needed some ‘relaxation time’. They know that Paris is still a long way to go. Tejay van Garderen still smiles, but Greg van Avermaet definitely needs his shoulder to lean on. Already after stage one, that can’t be good…

Oscar Gatto after first day Sean Yates

Relaxing? Other riders, like Oscar Gatto here, were pretty tired after stage one. Oh boy, we still have 20 stages to go. Or was he just checking his phone? It seems like Gatto has fallen asleep though. One of the staff members of the team took this photo, but he doesn’t know the answer either.

mark renshaw second stage

Smile! Mark Cavendish did not only win stage one, but also took the yellow jersey. This photo was taken just before the start of stage two. Mark Renshaw is quite happy for his leading man, he just can’t take that smile of his face.

Valverde just ride the truck

Hmm… wasn’t this man 3rd in the Tour de France of last year? And now he is a truck driver? Oh no, Alejandro Valverde is participating in this year’s Tour de France. But whenever he is going to quit cycling, we know where to find him. He will probably be driving the truck of Team Movistar.

leigh howard pre post dinner no way

After some time in the truck, it is time for dinner.  And for sure, don’t we all want to know what the riders are eating? Well, Leigh Howard from IAM Cycling is thinking of us and he posts photos of the pre-race and post-race dinner every day! It looks delicious and healthy. Bon appetit!

Tom Dumoulin, that is not a hotel!

Of course the riders are sleeping in hotels. Well, hotel? This thing looks more like a castle to me. Which riders are staying here after stage three and can we call ‘the lucky ones’? Well, one of them is the ‘yawn-man’. Yes, Tom Dumoulin yawned during stage three before a camera and guess what he gets: a big castle.

For the next two and a half weeks there will be more ‘Tour Life’ updates here, because we don’t want to miss out on the life of the riders in the Tour de France.