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Photos Dutch Road Championships 2017

Dutch Road Championships 2017 / 25 June / Elite Men

The Dutch National Road Championships took place in Montferland this year, an area in the east of the Netherlands, and the start and finish were in ‘s-Heerenberg. Quickly after the start, a head bunch was formed with the following riders: Robert Gesink, Bert-Jan Lindeman, Koen Bouwman (TLJ), Jetse Bol (MZN), Berden de Vries, Tim Ariesen, Martijn Budding (RNL), Albert Timmer, Tom Stamsnijder (SUN), Peter Koning (ABS), René Hooghiemster, Robbert de Greef (BDC), Boy van Poppel (TFS), Joey van Rhee (DJP), Stan Godrie (VWC), Roy Eefting (VCT), Lars van der Haar (TFL), Jasper Hamelink (MET), Maarten de Jonge (MCT) and Ike Groen (DCR).

The race was 231 kilometres long and took place on a circuit of 16,6 kilometres. After the start in ‘s-Heerenberg the riders went up north to Zeddam, then to Beek in the west and finally to Stokkum in the south, before heading back to ‘s-Heerenberg. The head bunch was very strong, but couldn’t stay away until the end. There were quite a few attacks from riders towards the end, but no one was able to stay away. From then on it was clear that the race would end in a sprint. Dylan Groenewegen (TLJ) – last year’s champion – wasn’t able to beat Wouter Wippert (CDT) and Ramon Sinkeldam (SUN). But who was the winner? Wippert thought that he’d won, but the jury saw it on tv: Sinkeldam was a bit faster.

Tom Dumoulin, the winner of the 2017 edition of the Giro d’Italia, had already prolonged his national time trial title on the wednesday before the road race. But he was also very happy after finishing the road race, because winner Ramon Sinkeldam is his teammate – they both ride for the German WorldTour Team Sunweb. Pieter Weening smiled along, because his team Roompot – Nederlandse Loterij also performed well during the day. Coen Vermeltfoort almost reached the podium – he became 4th behind Dylan Groenewegen (TLJ).

They were so close, but the red-white-blue jersey was for Ramon Sinkeldam. But Wouter Wippert and Dylan Groenewegen could still smile, because together with the new national champion they showed once again that they are the best sprinters of the Netherlands and that they belong to the sprint top of the world. Ramon Sinkeldam and Dylan Groenewegen will be present in the Tour de France this year, so the Dutch national colours can be spotted in the Tour peloton again.



Photos Dutch Road Championships 2015 #3

Dutch Road Championships 2015 / 28 June / Elite Men

Before the start of the Dutch Road Championship for Elite Men, almost everyone expected the race to end in a bunch sprint. So therefore it was no surprise that the NOS (a Dutch public broadcaster) interviewed Moreno Hofland (TLJ). The sprinter was one of the favourites for the victory in Emmen. However, when the race of 253 kilometres long started, a head bunch formed during the two parts through Drenthe and managed to create a big gap.

The ten final local laps through Emmen included the new tunnel, which recently opened for vehicles and will also be included in the criterium the Gouden Pijl in Emmen. During the final laps, the peloton chased the head bunch, but only managed to get them back in the finale. But because of a crash in the final metres, the finale was distorted and Moreno Hofland (TLJ) lost his position and became 5th. Dylan Groenewegen (ROP) was the best ProContintental rider of the day and became 4th. The jury did have to look at the finish photo, because there was hardly a difference between the number three and four.

The local lap through Emmen also included a part through the beautiful green nature the province of Drenthe has to offer. As you can see in the photo above, the riders did not only ride through the city, but also on the countryside. In the final kilometres, Niki Terpstra (EQS) showed that the Dutch Road Championship is a hard race and that this means that not necessarily a sprinter wins a bunch sprint in the finale. It was Niki who managed to beat Ramon Sinkeldam (TGA) and Danny van Poppel (TFR), who became second and third.

It was the 3rd national title for Niki Terpstra and he was very happy with his red-white-blue jersey. His son Luca even joined him on the podium after the official ceremony. Ramon Sinkeldam (TGA) was very disappointed with his second place. When you’re that close to a national title, you don’t settle for second. The race in Emmen was the unique opportunity for the rider to win, but Niki was simply too strong in the end and got to put three fingers up in the air at the end of the day.


Photos Dutch Road Championships 2014 #3

Dutch Road Championships 2014 / 29 June / Elite Men

During the Dutch Road Championships, all the professional and talented riders from The Netherlands are in one place at the same time. It is a great opportunity to see all the Dutch cycling heroes just before a lot of them – 17 riders this year – will travel to the start of the Tour de France. The cyclists had to ride the course 18 times, which is 243 kilometres through and around Ootmarsum. The Championship also took place here in 2008 and 2011. In 2008, it was Lars Boom (BEL) who won the Dutch Nationals in this town in Twente. But it was sprinter Pim Ligthart (LTB) who became the Dutch Champion in Ootmarsum in 2011.

In total, 105 riders were present at the start of the race. Only 59 of them managed to finish the race though. In the first hours of the race, there was a head bunch that consisted of 15 riders. Maarten Tjallingii, Tom Leezer (BEL), and Tom Stamsnijder (GIA) were present in this group. But when it started raining and there even was some thunder and lightning, a crash in the peloton had its effect on the race. About 10 riders got away and reached the head bunch. Afterwards, this group split up and riders tried to attack. But it was Sebastian Langeveld (GRS) who attacked at about 20 kilometres to go.

Niki Terpstra (OPQ), who has known Langeveld since they were juniors, decided to let him ride and the others just looked at each other. Terpstra, who became the Dutch Champion in 2010 and 2012, was very happy for his friend Sebastian Langeveld when he was the first rider to cross the finish line. Maarten Tjallingii (BEL), one of the strongest riders of the day, was not able to reach Langeveld. In the bunch sprint, Terpstra became second and Wesley Kreder (WGG) completed the podium.

Sebastian Langeveld also became second in the Dutch Time Trial Championship in Zaltbommel. This was held earlier on in the week and Tom Dumoulin (GIA) became the winner. Jos van Emden (BEL) became third. Dumoulin has already shown that he can compete with the best time trialists of the world. In the Tour de Suisse, Tony Martin won both time trials, but it was the young rider Tom Dumoulin who secured the second spot both times too. Next year, all the Dutch Championships will take place in Emmen, Drenthe.


Photos Dutch Road Championships 2013 #3

Dutch Road Championships 2013 / 23 June / Elite Men

The Dutch Road Championship for men started at half past ten on Sunday the 23rd of June. The riders had to face 228,8 kilometres, which meant that they had to ride 22 laps on the course in and around Kerkrade, a town in the south of The Netherlands. The course consisted of several climbs, including the “Duivels Bosch” (English: Devilish Bush). Only 24 riders reached the finish.

Lieuwe Westra (VCD), who was the fastest in the Dutch time trial championship for the second year in a row, attacked in the first part of the race. Dion Beukeboom (RIJ) was one of the riders who joined him. Also Jasper Hamelink (CJP) and Dennis Smit (MET) were part of the leading bunch, but none of these riders were able to stay away until the finish.

When it started to rain, the race became more difficult for the riders. Many of them decided to quit the race. Also Robert Gesink (BLA), who crashed in the first metres of the race and bruised his rib. Luckily it was dry again in the finale. By then, Bram Tankink (BLA), Sebastian Langeveld (OGE) and Johnny Hoogerland (VCD) had formed a head bunch. A small peloton followed them and among them were riders from various teams, including Tom Dumoulin (ARG), Lars Boom (BLA), Niki Terpstra (OPQ) and Michel Kreder (GRS).

Johnny Hoogerland (VCD) was able to leave the other riders behind him in Kerkrade and crossed the finish line solo. He became the new Dutch champion and got to wear the red-white-blue jersey, which he could show off at the Tour de France in the following weeks. Tom Dumoulin (ARG) showed his true potential for the future in the final lap. He is a talented time trialist and was able to secure the second place with a great solo. Sebastian Langeveld (OGE) was the third rider who crossed the finish line and Pim Ligthart (VCD) was the best of the rest.


Photos World Championships 2012 #3

World Championships 2012 / 23 September / Elite Men

The World Championships took place in Limburg in The Netherlands this year and the road race for elite men started on the 23rd of September in Maastricht. They had to ride 267 kilometres to the finish in Vilt and came by Sittard, Geleen, Heerlen and Margraten until they would enter the circuit in Valkenburg and they had to face the famous Cauberg a couple of times.

207 riders were present in the race, but only 123 managed to finish this year. There was a head bunch for a great part of the race, but they did not manage to stay away forever. At the end, countries worked hard to get them back.

Philippe Gilbert (BEL) was one of the favorites for the victory, so it was not a big surprise that he turned out to be the one who left everyone behind him on the final climb, the Cauberg, including riders like Edvald Boasson Hagen (NOR) and Alejandro Valverde (ESP), who became second and third in Limburg.

Philippe Gilbert is the new World Champion and got to wear the rainbow jersey at the end of the day and bring it home to his native country: Belgium.