4 August 2016


The Olympic Games will be hosted in Brasil this year. Most events will take place in and around Rio de Janeiro. After years of preparation Brasil is ready to host the Olympic Games for the first time. Actually, it is the first time that the Summer Games take place on the continent of South America.

There will be 206 nations in Brasil competing in 28 different sports. Road cycling is one of those sports. The Games will begin tomorrow with an official opening ceremony. On Saturday the road race for men is on the programme. On Sunday the women will compete in the road race. Next week, on the 10th of August, the individual time trials will be held. All the races are in and around the Flamengo Park. It is the largest recreation area known in Rio de Janeiro and it is open for all public. Many sports events have been held in this park.

The road races consist of laps of 30 km and each lap consists of three uphill sections. The biggest climb is after about 7 kilometres near the Corcovado with an elevation of 400 m, another one is after about 15 km with an elevation of 200 metres and the last one is after 18 kilometers with an elevation of about 75 metres. After the hilly sections the lap will go alongside the beautiful Copacabana beach back to the finish line. The time trials consist of laps of 20 km. The course is flat with two elevations of 3 metres and has two U-turns. The profile and map of the road races are available here.

There are voices claiming that the road race is one of the hardest one-day races in cycling today. It is a mix of everything. There are sectors of cobbles, but also some serious uphill sectors. It is Paris-Roubaix and Liège-Bastogne-Liège combined in one race. Except there is no French old mine in the background or the nice smell of some Belgian waffles. Instead the riders have an incredible view all over the Copacabana coastline.

flamengo park Flamengo Park with in the background the Copacobana coastline


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