Dear Marcel

29 June 2016

Dear Marcel,

Does it feel good to start in the Tour de France? I can imagine you missed it since you were left out of the selection last year. But let us not talk about that. Last year is finished and done. You have started with a clean sheet. A new team, a new chance. Will you be able to win four stages again? You did that in 2013 ánd 2014. Quite impressive, I must say. And you also know that the yellow jersey is in your reach again this year. The Tour de France does not start with a prologue or a time trial. The first stage is a flat stage to Utah Beach. And it is just the stage for you.

There is one obstacle. His name is André Greipel. You might be in a good form, but so is he. And it is Greipel that is wearing the national jersey of Germany and not you. You lost the sprint last Sunday in Germany. Still, André Greipel knows that the Tour is way different from a one-day race. You could take revenge for losing the nationals on the very first day of the Tour.

Wait, there is another obstacle. His name is Michael Matthews. Yeah, it is the curly one from Australia. He is fast, you know that. His train is absolutely one of the best trains and their goal is to win the first stage and take the yellow jersey.

But apart from those two, I would say the others do not stand one chance. I have seen you sprint in the Giro d’Italia and that was absolutely stunning. You know that another stage win in the Tour is two steps away. Step one is Matthews and step two is Greipel. I cannot wait for the sprints in this year’s Tour de France.



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