Dear Bauke

21 June 2016

Dear Bauke,

This week you are training for your biggest goal of the year. It is nothing less than the Tour de France. Right now you are somewhere in the mountains. Alone. In a few weeks you will be in the mountains again. But then you will not be alone.

You belong to a generation that has to beat Froome. We all know that this is almost impossible. You cannot have one bad day in the mountains, your time trial has to be magnificent and you cannot lose any time in the first stressful week. Do you really want to put yourself through all this trouble?

What is your goal this year, Bauke? Top five? After place six in 2013, place ten in 2014 and place seven last year my guess is that you will aim for a place in the top five this year. Let go of that dream. Even if you do make the top five, not many people will remember it. What will they remember? A stage win? The mountain jersey? Other goals, still goals to look forward to. I mean, you would be proud of a heroic win in one of the mountain stages, right? I think stage eight is just the stage for you. Deep in the mountains, in the Pyrenees, leading you over  the Tourmalet and the Col de Peyresoude. That is your stage. Mark it somewhere, in your agenda or your smart phone. In your head. Saturday the 9th of July.

It is just an offer. Think about it when you are training in the mountains. And know that you will be in the mountains again in a few weeks. Alone or not alone, that is up to you.

Dear Bauke
© Bauke Mollema (@BaukeMollema)


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