It is the 16th stage in the Giro d’Italia of 1966. The riders left Brescia for a ride of 143 kilometres to Bezzecca. This is almost exactly 50 years ago, on the 3rd of June. Only a few minutes after the start, Jacques Anquetil puts on his chef’s hat and presents a plate of spaghetti to some other riders in the peloton. The question is, of course, if he made this himself? Or did he grab this plate from the hotel? Vittorio Adorni, the winner of the Giro in 1965, does not care about this at all. Immediately he takes over the plate and tries some of the spaghetti. He knows that it is of great importance to eat enough food during a stage and this is a great opportunity to gain some energy for the rest of the stage. Gianni Motta, on the left, also wants a bit of the spaghetti. Felice Gimondi is also fond of Italian food and wants to try it too. The funny thing about this photo is that a Frenchman is serving Italian spaghetti  to three Italian riders. They even enjoyed it. Motta won two stages in the next days and secured his first and only win of the Giro d’Italia. With special thanks to the spaghetti from cook Jacques.

© Olycom SPA/Rex Shutterstock


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