3 April 2016

The Belgium people cheered for him as he made his way to the start of the Tour of Flanders this morning. I think that they all believed that it was going to be his day. After becoming second in 2014 and third last year, he said that he was ‘ready’ now. He was going for the win and nothing else. Every other place would not make him happy. That would mean that he failed. Again. Winning the Tour of Flanders is a dream of Greg since he was a kid. Winning the 100th edition of the Tour of Flanders would make him a legend in Flanders. Unfortunately, dreams do not always come true. After more than 150 kilometres on the bike, there was a big crash. Several riders from the BMC Racing Team were on the ground. Including Greg. He was in pain. He was unable to get up. He knew right away that it was done. First there was anger, but the tears came not much later. Number 57, abandoned. Broken collarbone. Another year with no wins in one of the big Spring Classics. There goes his dream. He knows that there will be other years, but everything was coming together this season. As if nothing could go wrong. Still, we all know that we don’t get a say in life. Reality bites sometimes. But, the focus is already on next year. What does not kill you, will make you stronger. In about one year from now he will ride to the start of the Tour of Flanders again. The Belgium crowd will cheer for him, he will smile and wave back at them. They will say that it is going to be his day and that he will become their legend.

Greg Flanders Photonews
© Photonews


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