Episode 8 – “Gym”

“Ok, boys! Come with me! Today we are having our gym class outside.” All the boys cheered and clapped and followed mister de Vlaeminck to the grassfield.
Mister de Vlaeminck was their gym teacher. He was very tall and still athletic. All the boys were fond of him, but also a bit scared. He could get angry without no reason, but that was just because he wanted the best for the boys.
Alexander was the last one who came out of the school. He was not that fast, because he was sick last week. He felt better, but still not that great. He got through the group and stood still behind Peter. “Hey Peter”, he said loudly. I cannot see a thing. Your hair is in front of it.” Peter turned around and laughed. “I am very sorry, eh, but I don’t have hair thingy for it.”
“Sssttt, be quiet”, Fabian whispered. “Mister de Vlaeminck is about to start.”
And he was right. Mister de Vlaeminck was standing next to a white board. On that bord he drew a bike and he had put some photos on that board. “Just like every year, boys, you are going to compete against each other in two cycling races. One will take place today and the other will take place in our next gym class. Be careful though, because these two races involve cobbles.” When he said that, he pointed to the ground. A group of five cobblestones were lying on the ground. It gave Tom, a tall boy, the chills. Mister de Vlaeminck continued. “You all know that some roads with cobblestones are good to ride on and others are true hell.” Fabian grinned and said “Mister, I already won this race three times!” Tom was standing next to him and looked angry. “Me too!”, he exclaimed and a little smile got on his face. Fabian took a little bow towards him. He whispered in the ear of Tom: “I am 100% ready for this year, are you?” Tom looked frightened.
Mister de Vlaeminck sighed. “You all know I went to this school too. There is a lot of competition during these races, so look after yourself. I know you have all worked hard for this in the past few weeks, now it is time to show it!” With saying this, he looked at Greg. Everyone looked at Greg now. He turned all red and said: “I know I can win one of these races. I want to win one of these races.” Mister de Vlaeminck smiled. “It is about time you start to believe in yourself, Greg.” Then he turned to all the boys again. “Remember, enjoy every minute of it and have lots of fun. That is all that I am asking.” All the boys took off to get a bike. “Oh, Peter!” Peter stopped and came back to Mister de Vlaeminck. “Son, go and see a hairdresser some day.” Peter smiled at his teacher and said: “I like my hair like this, Mister Minckie.” And away he was. Mister de Vlaeminck watched him as he took off and whispered: “Best time of the year!”

8. Gym


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