19 March 2016

A rider on a chair. Just sitting there. Doing nothing. It was a long day on the bike for him. He is thinking about it, you can see it in his eyes. He is analyzing the day already. The choices he made, the nervousness in the peloton, the crashes by many of the riders. The final kilometres. The fact that he was so close and still did not manage to win. One guy was faster than him. There is disappointment in his eyes. What is a second place worth? You lose, you go home with nothing. There is absolutely no one that will remember your second place in Milano-Sanremo in a couple of weeks. Yet this proves something for him. It proves that he can win a classic in the nearby future. In 2014, he became third in the same race and this year he was second. But in his career as a professional cyclist on the road he had a lot of downs. There were crashes and injuries. Some people call it bad luck. And maybe he had bad luck today. But this second place hit a spark somewhere deep down in the heart of Ben Swift. It will happen. Some day. Just not today.

Swifty Team Sky MSR
Ben Swift / © Team Sky


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