Go Out With A Bang

6 March 2016

It is quite impressive. Fabian Cancellara wins Strade Bianche for the third time in his career. The fight with Stybar on the last climb was exciting to watch. The sprint from Cancellara was strong, Stybar could not follow. Cancellara put his hands up in the air and showed three fingers. One for 2008, one for 2012 and one for 2016. Four years between every year. He sure knows how to plan his wins. With a big smile he crossed the finish. He was happy with the win. Directly after the finish he got off his bike and held it in the air for a couple of seconds.

Cancellara and his bike. Many words are spoken about it. Nevertheless, he is a beast on that bike. When Fabian takes off, you better be in his wheel or you are seen. Fans call him ‘Spartacus’ or ‘Superman’. People sometimes put it as a joke that his legs are not made of flesh, but of steal. Hard as a rock. Unbreakable.
However, this is his last year and he does not want to leave the world of cycling without an impressive win. Or more. Winning Strade Bianche was one of his goals, so that means that he has set other goals for this season.

One of those goals is the 10th of April: 10-04. The date is in his advantage. It is ten years ago that he won Paris-Roubaix for the first time. If he wins it again this year, it will be the fourth time. What a bang would that be. There will be four fingers in the air. Cancellara is on a mission in his last year and he knows what he wants. Cancellara and his bike. Man of steal, hard as a rock.

© Tim de Waele / TWDSport.com


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