The Tour Down Under. It is that time of the year again. At the other side of the world, in the land of kangaroos,  there is a real cycling race going on right now.
It is also during this time that professional cyclists are seen in photos with a baby kangaroo (please search for ‘tour down under baby kangaroo’). Cute. Yeah. Still, am I the only one that thinks every year: “not again?!!”. I need another animal. And not a snake! For instance, the quokka is a much more fotogenetic animal. It seems to be the happiest animal on the whole planet and it lives in Australia. The only rider I have found on a photo with a quokka is Simon Clarke from the Cannondale Pro Cycling Team. A quokka is in his helmet and gives him a kiss.

Simon ClarkeSimon Clarke (CPT) with a quokka / © Steve Tanner

 Why wasn’t the quokka used in the Tour Down Under thus far? For a start, most tourists take a selfie with the quokka. The riders in the TDU are holding a kangaroo. That is not allowed with quokkas, because it is illegal. After all, they are wild animals. The next reason is that most quokkas live on Rottnest Island. This is an island off the coast of West Australia. The Tour Down Under takes place in the southeast of Australia.

So I have an idea. Why not start on Rottnest Island next year? Riders can take selfies with quokkas and the Tour Down Under would start on an island for the first time. I am all in. Still, I am not so sure if the organisation of the Tour Down Under is up for it. Until this happens, we have to keep ourselves happy with a photo of a quokka and a bike. Keep the faith, people.

quokka tour down under katy clemmans A quokka with a bike in the background / © Katy Clemmans


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