Off To The Start

7 January 2016

Almost three months without cycling. Now it is finally January. A new year, a new cycling season ahead of us. Who will win the Tour de France? Which new riders in the peloton will win our hearts? Some riders will not win at all, others will win a race they never expected to win. There will be tears of joy, but also tears of anger and disappointment. Cycling is just like life, really.

No one knows what is going to happen. That is what makes cycling so exciting. Every race is a new chance for a rider, every day is a new adventure. For better or for worse. All the suffering in trainings, the hours in the gym, all those nights away from home. They may pay off. Or not. That is the risk a rider takes.

In the past three months I have kept on checking the social media. A lot of riders were actually quite active on the internet. They were keeping us informed of the things they were doing. So the off-cycling season wasn’t that bad. Here is what got me through the month November:

© Esteban Chaves

Yes, Esteban Chaves and his brother. A smile gets on my face every time I look at this photo. The next one is even better. It was taken on the 12th of December at the Team Katusha team presentation:

© Jacopo Guarnieri

Yeah, let a few riders take a selfie and you get this. Off-season happiness. Now, the next photo was taken on the 5th of January. Martin and Kittel at a training camp.

© Etixx – Quick-Step

Why am I showing this? Is it important? No. But look at these photos. At those faces. All I can see is fun in their eyes. There is no point in riding a bike without fun. They have lots of fun. I’m sure 2016 is going to be a great cycling year.


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