The Black Hole

It is almost over. The end of the cycling season is nearby. Just a few more races and then we have to face a few months without cycling. Grab your tissues, because there is a black hole waiting for us and there is nothing we can do about it. Riders are going to spent time with their families, or explore the world by travelling (read: drinking a beer on a beach somewhere in the world) or are going to do absolutely nothing (read: drinking a beer on the couch).
The social media posts of the riders will not be cycling related for the next weeks. Ouch. No photos of sleeping riders on a bed. Or riders taking weird photos in the team bus. Probably lots of family photos. Wives. Girlfriends. Parents. Food. Holidays. The usual. But something has changed over the past few years. There are more training camps and team buildings after a season. So we will probably see more photos of that too. Still, it is not the same as watching a real race.
What else can we do in the meantime? Oh well, sometimes doing some calculation can be good for your brains. You can calculate the duration between now and the date of your favorite race and voila! Sorry if your favorite race is the Giro di Lombardia. You will have to wait more than 350 days. On the bright side, only 103 days until the Santos Tour Down Under begins! Hurray! I cannot wait to see riders hugging with kangaroos and koala’s again. Beat that, black hole!


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