Changing Lives

3 October 2015

Dear Mark,

You turned 30 this year. Maybe you thought that it was time for a big change. A new team. A new challenge. You have signed for the African team MTN-Qhubeka, which will be known as Team Dimension Data from 2016 onwards.
You said you were “super-excited” to become a part of the team. The team itself says that with signing you, they are making a big step forward and they are hoping to get to the next level. Although the Tour de France will not be a guarantee next year, it is most likely that the team will receive an invitation. With one of the best sprinters of the peloton and the success of this whole year, it would be a strange decision of the organisation to ignore the team.

There is another reason you are going to the African team. The new sponsor will continue to support the Qhubeka charity, having generated over 4,000 bicycles in its BicyclesChangeLives campaign. You want to help to develop cycling in Africa and “to get more bikes in the hands of the people who need them”.
And not to forget, this team is prepared to support you in achieving one of your biggest dreams: competing for Great Britain on the track at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. That golden medal is still in your head, after the deception of 2008 in Beijing. As far as I can judge, you’ve made the right decision to move to the African team. Riding for your dream, riding for the dream of thousands of children. The bicycle changed your life, now it is time to change their lives too.



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