At The Playground

Episode 7 – “At The Playground”

Lunch was over, so all the boys went to play on the playground.
Tom ran directly to the horse and got on the back.
Chris stood next to him and said: “Hey, I want to stand there too!”
Tom replied: “No, now it’s my turn.”
Esteban, the new kid, was running around, smiling and yelling.
“Everything is so green here, so green!” Matthew, one of the older kids,
ran after him with a flower. “For you, little one.”
Esteban smiled at him, saying: “I like you, Matthew, will you be my friend?” Matthew smiled back, then his face went serious:
“Yes, of course! I will protect you in this school as if you were my little brother.”
On the other side of the playground, Joaquim climbed on the swing.
“I can almost touch the clouds,” he screamed out loud.
A little boy with a funny accent ran by and climbed on one of the playground equipments. He screamed: “For me it cannot get high enough.
If I could touch the clouds, I would do it!” He laughed at Joaquim.
Meanwhile, Fabio and Rafal were playing on and around an elephant slide.
They went down on the slide and laughed, having fun.
Rafal was singing: “Up and down, up and down, yeah, yeah.”
There was one boy doing nothing at all. He yawned, while sitting on the trampoline. Nairo was calling out for him:
“Alejandrooooo, come climb with me on this thing!” Alejandro took a deep breath. He was getting too old for this. “No”, he said, “I’m alright here.”
A boy came out of the school and walked towards the playground.
He was walking around, asking everyone the same question:
“Time for a few scoops?” Esteban whispered to Matthew: “Who is that?”
“Ooooh, that’s the Irish guy, mate. Don’t worry about him. He’s okay.”
Matthew took a step forward and said:  “G’day Nicolas! I would like to have a drink together.” “Bang on!”, Nicolas said. Matthew turned around to Esteban. “C’mon little pup! Let’s have a refreshing drink inside.”
Esteban hesitated, but then went inside with the two boys.
On their way in, they came across mister Merckx. “Wait there, boys!
Where do you think you are going?” “We are going to drink some water, sir”, Matthew replied. Mister Merckx looked at him for a second.
Then he said: “That’s fine, but when you’re finished, straight to class!”
“Yes, sir,” all the three boys said. Mister Merckx smiled and went outside.
All the kids were laughing and having fun and mister Merckx
noticed that everyone was in a very good, relaxing mood.
“Boys!” he screamed, “playtime is over! Get all your butts back in school!”


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