Photos Gouden Pijl Emmen 2015

Gouden Pijl 2015 / 11 August / Emmen

The 38th edition of the Gouden Pijl criterium in Emmen resulted in 50,000 people in the city in Drenthe who cheered on the riders. The weather was great and two Dutch legends from the past, Joop Zoetemelk and Hennie Kuiper, were there as well to honour the winner at the end of the night.

There were a lot of riders present in Emmen and the organisation had even invited an international rider, although he didn’t have to come from that far. It was John Degenkolb (TGA), who only had to come from Germany, and Emmen is very close to the border with Germany. Besides him, Pieter Weening (OGE), Bauke Mollema (TFR), Robert Gesink (TLJ) and Wout Poels (SKY) were some of the most popular riders that were in Emmen that evening.

The riders are always very positive about the criterium in Emmen and some of them even call it the nicest criterium of the year. The fact that there’s always a huge crowd that’s very cheerful might have something to do with this.

Elmar Reinders (CJP) and Bert Jan Lindeman (TLJ) are born and raised in Emmen and decided to try and stay away together. But what can you do when John Degenkolb is in town and he brought his best helper, Koen de Kort, with him? Nothing. It was ‘Dege’ who won the sprint and two of the biggest Dutch riders, Bauke Mollema (TFR) and Robert Gesink (TLJ), got to join him on stage. Wout Poels (SKY) won the Peter van Putten prize for most combative rider.



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