16 July 2015

Dear Zak,

You are probably on your way home right now. You, Zak Dempster, the hero of yesterday’s stage in the Tour de France. Just after you’d finished, you let your tears run, because you were out of the time limit. Only 28 seconds. You were almost eliminated, but the Tour organisation showed some compassion with you. You were disturbed by people walking on the road on the last mountain, which caused the 28 seconds of delay. You were allowed to stay for another day and you were determined to make it to the finish today; you would try and find a good bus and finish within the time limit. But too much pain due to an injury made that dream disappear after only 69 kilometres. You had to give up.

We, the fans, all felt compassion for you yesterday. We saw the footage of you sitting on the ground, crying out loud. A soigneur of your team was sitting next to you, rubbing your back. It was sweet and sad at the same time. The ‘losers’ of the race are always more interesting to watch than the winners. So when I saw the interview you gave to Dutch television today, I could not agree with what you said about being sensitive. Most of the women on earth do like sensitive guys, because they show their true feelings. The people who think that a man does not cry in public, are just jealous. You know what I think? You might get tons of letters these next days from women all around the world. Maybe they all want to date you. I bet you already have a lot of reactions of women on Twitter, after you stated in a tweet that you will ‘never go on a date again anyway.’ Trust me, you will. Maybe even sooner than you think right now.


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