Photos Dutch Time Trial Championships 2015 #1

Dutch Time Trial Championships 2015 / 24 June / Elite Women

The podium where the start of the Dutch National Time Trial Championships took place stood in Emmen this year. In the photo above, Lucinda Brand (RBW) waits for the official sign from the jury that she is allowed to start her time trial. The women had to ride the 27 kilometres long circuit around Emmen once and Lucinda Brand did that very well. After the race she tweeted: “Wouw fourth at the National #tt but only a few seconds for a medal”.

This year it was Anna van der Breggen (RBW), Lucinda Brandt’s younger teammate, who was the fastest. Her time was thirty-three minutes and thirty-three seconds, which meant that she reached an average of 47,392 kilometres an hour. She had worked hard on her time trial capacities, but she didn’t expect to win. Everything went well during the race and her team had invested in the material of the bike, so she could maintain a fast pace throughout the race.

Ellen van Dijk (DLT) has already won the Dutch Time Trial Championship three times in her career, but this time, she had to give in 29 seconds to the winner. She tweeted: “Another silver medal at TT Nationals definitely doesn’t make me happy, but @AnnavdBreggen was just too strong today. Times don’t lie!” The third place was for Van Dijk’s teammate Chantal Blaak (DLT), who was very happy with her podium place. She tweeted: “Yes on the podium!”

The 2015 podium of the Dutch Time Trial Championships 2015 in the category Women from left to right: Ellen van Dijk (silver medal), Anna van der Breggen (gold medal and red-white-blue jersey) and Chantal Blaak (bronze medal).



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