One Chance

The Giro d’Italia of this year is an ambitious one and tough to ride. The organisation tried to please the climbers and added a lot of mountain stages. Maybe they’ve got their inspiration from the Giro’s held in the past. It is said by many people that the Giro is the toughest Tour of the year. This was also in the year 1924, when the organisation decided to add a lot of mountains and instead of ten stages, there were twelve stages. You would say that this was going to be a real challenge for the riders. Challenge or not, the best riders of the year before, including winner Costante Girardengo and Giovanni Brunero, had a serious conflict with their teams. They demanded money from their team for racing the Giro. The teams, in their turn, demanded money from the organisation. Nevertheless, the organisation refused to go along with this. The outcome was that the top riders at that moment did not even start.

Still, there were plenty of good riders left like Bartolomeo Aymo and Federico Gay, who ended in place third and four in the year before. And outsider Giuseppi Enrici. His name sounds Italian, but he wasn’t born in Italy. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When he was a kid, his family returned to the north of Italy. In the first stages Gay was the leader in the race, but in stage seven he attacked on the climb to Macerone. Soon he could feel his legs and when Enrici made his attack, he couldn’t follow anymore.

He lost more than seventeen minutes this day. Enrici took over the first place. The next day the weather was horrible. It was raining and there was a lot of wind. Enrici won this stage and Gay lost forty minutes. The last four stages Enrici suffered a lot, because of an infected foot, but he never gave up. He knew that this was his only chance of winning the Giro and to become the first American born rider who won the tough race.


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