Photos Ster van Zwolle 2015

Ster van Zwolle 2015 / 28 February / Zwolle

It’s back: the Topcompetitie in the Netherlands (English: Top competition). After 10 years, the national competition for the promising riders of the Netherlands has finally returned. The Ster van Zwolle is the opening race of the Dutch cycling season and also has participating teams from abroad. But more importantly, it’s the first race for the Dutch riders in the new version of the Topcompetitie.

The start and finish of the race are in Zwolle, a place in the north of the Netherlands. The riders start in the centre of the city and finish on the Ceintuurbaan, next to Zwolle’s hospital. This year, it was Elmar Reinders (CJP) who crossed the finish line first. He was the fastest rider from a small group. At the beginning of the race, the peloton fell apart into several groups.

In the end, it wasn’t Jeff Vermeulen, from the Continental Team Jo Piels, but Elmar Reinders, also from that team, who won the 55th edition. A lot of people thought Vermeulen would be the fastest rider of the group, but it was his teammate who beat him. René Hooghiemster (BBD) became the most combative rider of the race and won the Fedor den Hertog trophy and Snelle Jelle ontbijtkoek (English: Dutch spiced cake). He tweeted a photo of himself with the Dutch spiced cakes afterwards. He obviously was very happy with the prize!

It was the Belgian rider Dimitri Claeys (WIL) who became second and the Norwegian rider Håvard Blikra (COH) became third. As you can see in the photo above, the first leaders in the Topcompetitie of 2015 are Elmar Reinders (GC) and Twan Brusselman (U23). Watch the video of the race at the Topcompetitie website. The special video about Cyclingteam Jo Piels coach Han Vaanhold is also worth watching: his enthusiasm about cycling is truly inspiring.



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