Dear Tony

26 July 2014

Dear Tony,
I was looking forward to this day.
Most of the time I dislike watching time trials.
Nevertheless, watching you makes everything alright.
Not because the time trial is your speciality, no.
It’s your head.
The head of a hard-working man.
A mine worker, a builder, a farmer perhaps.
Your head shows suffering and dedication at the same time.
Your open mouth, the teardrops of sweat all over your face
and your big eyes fixed on the road ahead of you.
Were you nervous for today?
Was there any pressure, since you’ve already won a stage in this Tour?
I guess there was, since you are the world champion in this discipline.
Of course there was some competition, but you were the favourite.
Do you know that some riders are scared?
Scared that one day you will put every rider in the peloton out of the time limit.
Once you have found your rhythm, you are going so fast.
It almost makes it impossible for others to follow you.
On the bike you show that you are going all the way.
You fight for every second, leaving other riders behind with nothing.
Remember that you already gave us a time trial in this Tour.
As a matter of fact, several of them.
Whenever you were at the head of the bunch, shaking your head
up and down, riding like a mad man, eyes on the road,
you were acting like it was a time trial to you.
And today was no exception to that.
Tony Martin. Two wins in one Tour.
‘Der Panzerwagen’ did it again.


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