The Tour Selfies #2

Yesterday the Tour de France left the United Kingdom and riders, staff and media travelled to France. When we look back on the first three days, we can conclude that they were very hectic. All the people in the United Kingdom probably thought: ‘hey, let’s go to the Tour this weekend and cheer for those riders”. There were thousands and thousands of British people standing along the roads. This was much appreciated by the riders. Alex Howes thought that it was amazing and Greg Henderson had the feeling that he was at a live concert.

On the other hand, there was also some criticism. The spectators were making selfies with the peloton. If you want to know the explanation of the word ‘selfie’, please read our first post about the selfies again. In order to make a selfie with the peloton, you have to turn your back towards the riders and then take the selfie. It’s very dangerous, although the selfie of a girl and Alberto Contador was quite genius and a huge hit on social media.

Still, after the first two stages, riders were asking the British fans to step back and not to stand on the roads. Zak Dempster even posted on twitter his top three of ‘dangerous selfies’. He thinks that a selfie with a human predator (shark, lion, crocodile) is the most dangerous selfie in the whole world. After that comes a selfie on a train track and on the third place you have the selfie with the back to a peloton. Still, this warning did not stop Vincenzo Nibali from taking a selfie with the little lion of the Tour de France.

More selfies were made over the last couple of days. Albert Timmer, Tom Veelers and Koen de Kort from Giant-Shimano were already in a good mood in the airplane on their way to Great Britain. The boys from AG2R had to wait for the team presentation, so decided to make a selfie of that. Adrien Petit and Cyril Lemoine from Cofidis already know what their next career is going to be. And Elia Viviani from Cannondale is probably a bit jealous of Peter Sagan’s cuddly toy and therefore decided to take a picture with this white jersey prize.

The place where you take the selfie is also very important. Geraint Thomas took one in a plane. You can count the eyes if you want to, because I did too. Tony Martin took one in the team bus. And no, that guy with the hoodie is not a gangster, that’s Niki Terpstra. But the number one prize for ‘best place to take a selfie’ goes to Dan, the uncle of Ben King. He shows us all what the safest place is to take a TDF selfie and for that, I’m sure, the riders will thank him very much.


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