Photos Dutch Road Championships 2014 #3

Dutch Road Championships 2014 / 29 June / Elite Men

During the Dutch Road Championships, all the professional and talented riders from The Netherlands are in one place at the same time. It is a great opportunity to see all the Dutch cycling heroes just before a lot of them – 17 riders this year – will travel to the start of the Tour de France. The cyclists had to ride the course 18 times, which is 243 kilometres through and around Ootmarsum. The Championship also took place here in 2008 and 2011. In 2008, it was Lars Boom (BEL) who won the Dutch Nationals in this town in Twente. But it was sprinter Pim Ligthart (LTB) who became the Dutch Champion in Ootmarsum in 2011.

In total, 105 riders were present at the start of the race. Only 59 of them managed to finish the race though. In the first hours of the race, there was a head bunch that consisted of 15 riders. Maarten Tjallingii, Tom Leezer (BEL), and Tom Stamsnijder (GIA) were present in this group. But when it started raining and there even was some thunder and lightning, a crash in the peloton had its effect on the race. About 10 riders got away and reached the head bunch. Afterwards, this group split up and riders tried to attack. But it was Sebastian Langeveld (GRS) who attacked at about 20 kilometres to go.

Niki Terpstra (OPQ), who has known Langeveld since they were juniors, decided to let him ride and the others just looked at each other. Terpstra, who became the Dutch Champion in 2010 and 2012, was very happy for his friend Sebastian Langeveld when he was the first rider to cross the finish line. Maarten Tjallingii (BEL), one of the strongest riders of the day, was not able to reach Langeveld. In the bunch sprint, Terpstra became second and Wesley Kreder (WGG) completed the podium.

Sebastian Langeveld also became second in the Dutch Time Trial Championship in Zaltbommel. This was held earlier on in the week and Tom Dumoulin (GIA) became the winner. Jos van Emden (BEL) became third. Dumoulin has already shown that he can compete with the best time trialists of the world. In the Tour de Suisse, Tony Martin won both time trials, but it was the young rider Tom Dumoulin who secured the second spot both times too. Next year, all the Dutch Championships will take place in Emmen, Drenthe.



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