Photos Ronde van Overijssel Men 2014

Ronde van Overijssel Men 2014 / 3 May / Rijssen

It may have been the first Ronde van Overijssel for women this year, but it was already the 62nd edition of the men’s race. For many years now, the start and finish have been in Rijssen. About 150 riders had to wait in front of a gate that would open at exactly 12 o’clock. Then it would be time for them to face 200 kilometres through Overijssel, an eastern district of The Netherlands.

After the first climb of the day, a head bunch formed with 6 riders: Maurits Lammertink (CJP), Brian van Goethem (MET), Maarten van Trijp (RDT), Bart van Haaren (KOG), Thomas Stewart (MGT) and Timothy Stevens (MMM). There was an intermediate sprint in the “town of the Ronde” Vriezenveen, which was won by Maurits Lammertink (CJP). After the race it was decided that Timothy Stevens (MMM) was the most combative rider of this year’s Ronde van Overijssel. Both Lammertink and Stevens were rewarded for this on stage.

The head bunch was caught on the stone sections near Vriezenveen and the peloton broke into several groups. Nine riders then got away, including the most combative rider Timothy Stevens (MMM) again, as well as Stefan Poutsma (CJP), Dion Beukeboom (RIJ), Stef Krul (MET), Ricardo van Dongen (RDT), Robbert de Greef (KOG), Jaap Kooijman (PVC), Tino Thömel (SGT) and Ivo Stronks (KVK). They made it until the local rounds in Rijssen, where the peloton caught them. After this, five riders stayed away until the finish line.

These five riders were lucky enough to stay in front of the quickly approaching peloton in the streets of Rijssen. Piotr Havik (RDT) and Sjors Roossen (CJP) were part of this group of five, but they did not reach the podium. It was Belgian rider Dennis Coenen (LDT) who won the 62nd edition of the race (see photo). He finished just before Coen Vermeltfoort (RIJ), who was quite disappointed. Maurits Lammertink (CJP) became third. Only 38 riders did not finish the race, which made it a very succesful edition without any serious incidents.



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