Training Camps

19 January 2013

Finally, it’s January.
When Christmas is over and all the new year celebrations are done,
riders start to prepare themselves again for the upcoming season.
They start to leave their families and friends again
and head out to sunny places in Spain, Argentina or Australia.
Luckily they are sharing photos with us on Twitter,
so that we can follow exactly what they are doing.
We expect to see photos like these four below.
They were posted by the riders Robinson Chalapud (COL), Johnny
Hoogerland (VCD), Mark Cavendish (OPQ) and Marco Pinotti (BMC).

Riders riding on the road, taking a break or stretching on the ground.
These are some of the normal activities for professional riders.
Some of the team training camps already took place in December.
Lotto-Belisol, for example, had one about a month ago.
When you look at the photos Adam Hansen posted on Twitter,
you would think that these training camps are very, very tough.
On the 9th day, Adam Hansen posted this photo on Twitter:

 It shows that training camps are not just hard work,
but also a good time to get to know your teammates,
have a laugh and make funny photos like this one.
And of course: after a hard day of training
there’s always time for some relaxation.
I would love to drink a coffee with the boys
of Team Saxo-Tinkoff or with Francis the Greef (LTB).
But most of all, I would like to stand next to the guys
of Lampre-Merida and enjoy the beautiful view.
I can’t wait for the season to begin!


One response to “Training Camps

  1. The Lotto-Belisol training camp photos from Mojacar were my favorite.. they are so funny! Adam Hansen came up with the idea to have a ‘special’ photo of him taken every day. Albertine has shown one of them in her column above, but the others can be viewed here: LTB Adam Hansen

    I also liked the Cannondale Pro Cycling photos, including the many ‘wheelies’ by Peter Sagan. They have many (funny) photos on their FB page. Check out, for example, the training photos from the Tour de San Luis here: CPC San Luis

    We would now like to ask you, the readers of our blog, to share your favorite training camp photo(s) with us 😀
    Which one(s) did you like best?

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