Episode 6 – “Dinner”

Fabian was preparing dinner in the kitchen of the school.
He was keeping a close watch on all the clocks in the kitchen.
One oven included a chicken and the other oven a casserole.
There was also a sweet chili sauce in the microwave.
Several teachers were helping Fabian by fixing salads,
cutting up vegetables and stirring in pots and pans.
A new school year was about to begin and every year the school
would organize a dinner beforehand for all the students and teachers.
It was a perfect opportunity to look back on the year that had past
and motivate each and every student for the upcoming year.
Sounds were coming from the dining hall, which was next to the kitchen.
 Some of the boys there were wearing green shirts and singing a song.
Greg was not too pleased with his spot at one of the dining tables.
“I do not want to sit next to Philippe!” he said and sighed.
“We will be in the same class again all year, just like two years ago.”
Everyone looked at Phillipe, but he just shrugged off Greg’s concerns.
“I may have been the best student last year, but that does not guarantee
anything for the upcoming year. Greg’s chance will come, for sure!”
Greg looked surprised and eventually decided to sit down next to Philippe.
Mr. Vannieuwkerke, one of the cleaners at the School of Cycling,
was putting napkins on every table. In the meantime he was
listening to a conversation between two of the students.
“Why aren’t we having a barbie?” Cadel wondered.
Tony nodded: “With a delicious bratwurst, yummie!”
Andy interrupted them. He pointed to his brother Fränk and said:
“We only want to eat fish! We love to fish during the holidays.”
One of the boys that was sitting across the table was wearing a lot of medals.
“Just bring me some eggs and bacon and I will be happy!” he said.
It was Mark, who, just like Philippe, had an amazing 2011.
 Next to Mark sat Juan José, who said that he preferred tapas.
All of a sudden Alberto came walking by and exclaimed:
“No meat for me, I repeat, no meat for me!”
Nick took a peak into the kitchen and asked Fabian if there
would also be some patatekes? Fabian frowned: “Patawhat?”
Nick smiled and explained himself: “I mean French fries!”
“Ooooh,” Fabian said. “No, I only cook haute cuisine.”
Now all the kids looked puzzled in the direction of the kitchen.
Except Johan, who was way too busy reading a book.
Tyler, who was sitting next to Johan, looked at the cover
and read out loud: “Tolstoj.” He was astonished.
“Anna Karenina is a very interesting book,” Johan explained.
Mr. Vannieuwkerke finished decorating the hall and entered the kitchen.
“That smells great, Fabian” he said and gave him a pat on the back.
“Thank you!” Fabian answered. “Dinner can be served now!”


One response to “Dinner

  1. “No meat for me, I repeat, no meat for me!” LOOOL!!!

    I love those posts girls, they’re simply great and very well written 🙂 Keep up the good work!!

    Ps: Patawhat? 😉

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