10 Things To Do Without Cycling

10 December 2011

What to do without procycling this winter? Here are some tips…
[1] Go on a holiday. You might even walk into a rider or a whole team! Most of the teams are on a training camp right now. So do not act surprised when you see a team on some tropical island or near beautiful mountains somewhere on this world! The best places to go this year seem to be California, Melbourne, Fuerteventura, San Diego, Monte Catini, Calpe and Mallorca.
[2] Watch cyclocross. I know, it’s not the same as procycling. Mostly it’s only once or twice a week and it lasts only one hour. Still, it involves a bike and when it rains, hails or snows, it’s even more fascinating.
[3] Not into dirt and mud? Maybe track cycling is something for you! In the winter there will be lots of fun ‘six days’ tournaments to go to or watch on tv.
[4] Read a book. In fact, there are so many books about cycling, that it’s hard to pick just one. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in the classics or one of the grand tours, because you will find a book on almost anything. Just find a couch, get yourself a hot cup of chocolate, a lot of cookies and start to read.
[5] Enjoy the memories. Although the season is over, we still have the photos and the videos from last season. Search on the internet for your favorite moment or your favorite rider of the year and think of those amazing days.
[6] There they are again! The Christmas cycling magazines! You will find them in most of the book shops and I’m sure that there is one in your neighbourhood. Cycling magazines are always fun to read and full of interviews with good riders that were important or made a difference during the previous season.
[7] Plan where you will go next season. It could be only one race or it could be eight races. Still, it’s important that you have all the details of that race. Find a good hotel or find information about the race and location.
[8] Get your facts straight. A new season automatically means change. There will be new kits to spot and new names of teams and riders to learn by heart. Find out which riders got transferred to which team.
[9] Make a cycling calendar. Which races are important to you? Mark them. Which races do you want to see live? Mark them. Now you won’t miss out on anything. Of course it all starts off with the Tour down Under!
[10] Ride your own bike! But… when you have done all these things and you are still bored or you still miss cycling, then it’s time to give up. I can only say one thing to you: count down the days. The official cycling season of 2012 starts on the 25th of February with the ‘Omloop het Volk.’


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