Episode 5 – “Presentation”

In one of the classrooms someone was giving a presentation.
A student named Taylor was talking about his family.
Every new student had to give a presentation about his background.
This one took place in the class of Mister Cipollini, teacher of Italian,
one of the languages offered by the School of Cycling.
As usual, Mister Cipollini looked like a movie star.
He did not resemble the average school teacher at all.
Sometimes he would even wear his sunglasses inside the school,
just because he thought that it made him look more sophisticated.
Taylor’s presentation was very interesting and lively.
He pointed out all the skills he learned from his family
and how succesful his parents used to be on a bike.
He did this by showing his classmates famous photos,
important medals and by giving them some impressive statistics.
Everyone listened quietly and enjoyed following the story.
At the end it was time for some questions.
Ted wanted to know if it is Taylor’s aim to achieve more than his parents.
Taylor said that he would try, but that it “would definitely not be easy”.
Ted smiled. He was wearing his ‘iamted’ t-shirt.
The boy next to him, Peter, was wearing an ‘iamnotted’ t-shirt.
Danilo also had a question: “Do you want to focus on sprinting?”
Taylor said “maybe” and that “he liked sprinting very much”.
After that answer, Taylor turned to Mister Cipollini.
“I would like to finish my presentation with a formula,” he said.
Mister Cipollini was curious and let Taylor use the blackboard.
After a little while the board was completely filled.
Mister Cipollini looked at it for a while and then said:
“Is this what they teach you at maths nowadays?”
The conclusion of the formula on the board was that girls are evil.
Mister Cipollini was looking very angry all of a sudden.
“Do you remember the first thing I taught you, kids?”
“Yes, it was ‘ciao bella’ and that was with a reason.
Women are not evil, they are very, very, very important.
In fact, I cannot live without women and I bet neither can you.”
Mister Cipollini went on for a while about the importance of women in his life.
Taylor was blushing the whole time.
When Mister Cipollini was finally finished Taylor stammered:
“But, but.. it was just a joke.. I love girls too!”


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