School Doctor

Episode 4 – “School Doctor”

The principal of the school, Mister Merckx, was perplexed.
He was standing in the waiting room of the school doctor’s office,
staring at the long line of kids with all kinds of injuries.
They were making a lot of noise together.
Wout said that he felt really sick.
”Sick? I fell two times!” stated Jurgen.
Frederik could not believe what he heard.
”At least you two didn’t break anything!”
”But Frederik,” Janez replied, “you only broke your collarbone.”
Janez not only had a collarbone fracture, but also a concussion.
Bradley then showed that he had broken his collarbone too.
”Hey, I also have a concussion” Tom said while looking quite pale.
He bent towards Alexandre, who was sitting on the floor.
”Why do I see your head twice?”
Everyone then stared at Tom and thought about the fact
that he played on too long after his fall on the playground.
It had made him feel worse, for sure.
At the end of the line there was a confused boy.
He tapped on the shoulder of the kid in front of him.
”What am I doing here?” he asked.
”Chris, you are seriously injured,” Juanma answered.
”Oh, so that’s why my nose hurts so much!” Chris replied.
Then Fränk walked by with a big smile on his face.
”This time I didn’t fall, so no injuries for me!”
”Lucky you,” said Jurgen. “I have to face a long recovery.”
Mister Merckx cleared his throat.
”Who is inside the doctor’s office now?” he asked.
”That’s Johnny. He and Juan Antonio got hit by a car
in front of the playground,” David answered.
”He even landed on a barbed wire fence,
can you imagine that?” Ivan added.
”What did you just say? A barbed wire fence?”
Mister Merckx looked shocked.
Then the door of the doctor’s office opened and
a boy in a shirt with red dots walked out of it.
His legs were completely bandaged.
All the others stared at him.
”I’m okay,” he said and smiled.
”Now let’s get back to the playground!”


2 responses to “School Doctor

  1. I looooove these school-stories! I can just imagine them being kids at school, so cute XD

  2. Great post girls, I love these stories too! And I’m sure that Johnny will become a very tough rider once he gets a bit older! 😉

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