Dear Tom

8 July 2011

Dear Tom,
There you were, sitting in the team car.
Next to Wilfried Peeters.
I guess this was not the picture of the Tour you had in mind.
Two days ago you were still optimistic.
In the evening after your bad crash you said you would stay in the Tour.
The first days would be tough, but you were not giving up.
Last night you slept even worse than the night before.
Not a good sign.
You were suffering of a headache today and could not focus.
Number 122 is officially out of the race.
I started wondering what the relationship might be between you and the Tour.
It is like she loves you one day and hates you the next.
You have won six Tour stages during your career, you wore the yellow jersey,
won the green jersey and even won the stage on the Champs Élysées.
Still, you had to give up four times.
Knee problems, sickness and bad crashes were some of the reasons.
I know you wanted to make it to Paris this year.
Last year you did not even make it to the start.
It shows that the Tour the France can be cruel.
One crash and it can all be over.
And no, she will not wait for you.
Not even if your name is Tom Boonen.

© Casey B. Gibson


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