Photos Ster ZLM Toer 2011

Ster ZLM Toer 2011 / 16 June / Eindhoven-Sittard/Geleen

The first stage (after the prologue) in the Ster ZLM Toer of 2011 started in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. It was raining, so the majority of the riders signed the start list at the last minute and their bikes were everywhere.

Riders, journalists and fans all decided to shelter from the rain under the roof of the city hall while they were waiting for the start of the race.

Luckily the weather got better at the end of the day. In Geleen it was sunny and Tyler Farrar (GRM) was the first one to cross the finish line. He dedicated his victory to his friend Wouter Weylandt, the young and talented rider who passed away during the Giro d’Italia earlier this year.

All the leaders on the podium in Geleen: Patrick Gretsch (THR), Tyler Farrar (GRM), Anthony Roux (FDJ), Philippe Gilbert and Adam Blythe (OLO).



3 responses to “Photos Ster ZLM Toer 2011

  1. I like the photo’s of Tyler you made!
    See you next time 😉

  2. Thanks Mar! It was nice to meet you 😀

  3. The first picture is so funny!!! 😀 Oh, and it must have been nice to find shelter under a roof together with all the riders and the journalists!

    I’m very happy for Tyler’s victory, hopefully it will help him to find a bit of happiness after Wouter’s death!

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