New Kids

Episode 3 – “New Kids”

The head of the school, Mister Merckx, was waiting.
He was sitting in a classroom.
Just at the moment he decided to get up
and walk a bit around the room, a tall boy walked in.
With his dark brown eyes the boy looked around.
Mister Merckx walked towards him.
“And who do we have here?” he asked.
“I’m Taylor,” the boy replied and Mister Merckx nodded.
“Well Taylor, welcome. And tell me, what’s your favorite subject?”
“Oh,” Taylor said, “I’m good at everything.”
Another boy, who was small and a bit shy, walked into the room.
“Come in and sit down,” Mister Merckx said.
“Please, tell me who you are.”
“I’m Rafal,” the boy said.
“And what’s your favorite subject?”
The boy almost jumped up from excitement.
“I like every subject Alberto likes,” he replied and Mister Merckx smiled.
A couple of boys came into the classroom laughing and teasing each other.
“So, boys….,” Mister Merckx said.
“Aren’t we introducing ourselves anymore?”
The boys stopped nervously, but still, one of the boys wasn’t paying attention.
He was trying to put some books in the bag of another boy.
The boy looked up and realised that Mister Merckx was looking at him.
“Hi there,” the boy said, “these books are way too heavy, man!”
“Well, you have to carry them around anyways,” Mister Merckx replied.
“Please, introduce yourselves.”
“John,” said the boy with the books still in his hands.
“My name is Jesse,” said a dark-haired boy next to him.
“Pello,” a thin boy answered, “and I’m Alex,” another boy said with a smile.
One of them already sat down.
“My bag is so heavy,” he complained while looking at Mister Merckx.
“It’s as if there are cobblestones in it!”
Mister Merckx laughed out loud.
”I’m Jens by the way,” the boy said.
”Well, boys, sit down just like Jens.”
They did and looked at the other boys who were already there.
“Let’s see, I think everyone is here now,” Mister Merckx said.
Suddenly a boy in an orange t-shirt ran into the classroom.
With a big smile he walked towards Mister Merckx.
“G’day mate,” he said.
“Ah, and who is this latecomer?”
“Yeah, sorry for that. I forgot my bag.
My name is Bling.. uuuuh, I mean Michael.”
Mister Merckx lifted up his arm and pointed towards a table.
“Sit down, son and tell us your favorite subject.”
Michael sat down and thought for a moment.
“Gym class,” he finally answered.
“And why is that?” Mister Merckx asked.
“Because I like to show my dance moves.”
“That’s nice, son. But we’ll keep that for later.”
Mister Merckx paused for a moment.
“As you might know already, I’m Mister Merckx, the head of the school.
This is an exciting moment for all of you.
I hope that you will like it here and that you will have a great time.
Boys, welcome to your new school.”


One response to “New Kids

  1. Great post girls! And I totally believe Michael when he says he’s good at dancing!!! 😀

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