Today’s race was a heroic one.
Johan Vansummeren, who attacked all day and
was part of the leading group, was also the
first rider to cross the finish line of Paris-Roubaix.
With an average speed of 42,1, far beneath the record.
For a very fast Paris-Roubaix we have to go a few decades back.
On the 19th of April 1964, Peter Post won Paris-Roubaix.
In a sprint with three Belgium riders,
he was the fastest with a length of three bikes.
Average speed: 45,129 km/h.
Yes, this was the fastest Paris-Roubaix ever.
Also after today this record will stand for at least another year.
It’s true that Post had the wind on his side and that
the weather conditions were not that bad either.
Though, the number one reason for this record
to last this long is that there were ‘only’ 22 kilometres
of cobblestones to ride back then.
For that reason some people state that it was easier to win the race,
that the conditions were not as bad as they are now.
All true, but keep in mind that the equipment was not as developed as now,
that there was no such thing as radio communcation,
so the four riders in front went as fast as they possibly could.
Peter Post: a legendary rider, a magnificent
team manager, a wonderful person.
He died three months ago.
The ‘Big Man’ was 77 years old.
Of course, there is that chance that on some day in one of
the next following years his record might be broken.
The rider who wants to achieve that needs the right wind,
a long breath and most important of all: luck.
Though, I hope the record will stand forever.
That way, people will always be reminded of Peter Post.
A heroic man, the winner of Paris-Roubaix 1964.

Peter Post after winning Paris-Roubaix


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