De Muur

7 April 2011

Last Sunday we got to see a magnificent Ronde van Vlaanderen.
“And that with radio communication!” Björn Leukemans emphasized.
Nick Nuyens won and that while Belgium had almost given up on him.
He already won the 2011 edition of Dwars Door Vlaanderen,
but of course that does not compare to winning De Ronde.
Nick Nuyens is now part of a beautiful history and a wonderful list of winners.
Not every rider can say that, though every rider wants to.
Stories about it are folk tales, photos of it are legendary.
De Ronde is something special, a true classic and it should stay that way.
Though this year Belgium divided up into two camps.
On top of the troubles between Flanders and Wallonia,
there is now also a big clash between different fans of De Ronde.
As you might know, the finish has been in Meerbeke since 1973.
Though there are people who want it to move elsewhere.
Consequently, De Muur would not be at the end of De Ronde
anymore, but most likely move to a spot much earlier in the race.
De Muur has been a tradition, everyone who knows De Ronde knows De Muur. They are connected, they belong together.
Who rides at the front on De Muur, that is what counts.
So many times, uncountable times, was De Muur 
of great importance to the development of the race.
Though from now on that could be completely different.
De Ronde might change forever, the importance
of De Muur might become a vague memory.
Belgium might loose a tradition, cycling fans might loose
folk tales, the world might loose legendary photos.
De Ronde is nothing without De Muur.

If you agree, then think about
signing this petition:


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