Not My Orange Car!

13 March 2011

I’m in love.
In love with a car.
An orange car.
I don’t know why.
Maybe it’s the color, maybe it’s the driver.
Maybe I’m just jealous, because I want to drive it.
Or at least sit on the passenger’s seat.
Yes, I’m in love with the car of the Rabobank Cycling Team.
I have so many photos of this car.
It drives me crazy.
What do I have with this car?
Why do I take a picture of it every time I see this damn car?
I’m acting quite strange when this car is near me.
At the prologue of the Giro d’Italia in 2010,
the orange car was just standing there.
Of course I took a picture.
I even sat on the front hood of the car.
Just for five minutes, but it felt amazing.
Yes, I am truly in love with this car.

Well, I was in love.
I was in love with the car.
My orange car is gone.
Traded for a new one.
With new colors.
Blue, white and orange.
And I absolutely don’t like it.
Ok, it’s a new year.
With a new kit, new bikes and new sunglasses.
But please, not the car!
Not my orange car!
Not the car that sparkled the most of all the team cars.
For now I have to say goodbye to my orange car.
Oh well, luckily I still have pictures.
Lots of pictures.


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