Dear UCI

4 March 2011

Dear UCI,
I never thought that I had to write this.
I thought that you’d have changed your mind by now.
Maybe I was being naïve, because lately you seem to do that more often;
going for option B, when everyone else is in favour of A.
I don’t think I have to say what I’m talking about.
This is not the first open letter to you about the radio ban
and I bet it’s not going to be the last one either.
Journalists like Thijs Zonneveld gave you some serious alternatives.
Grischa Niermann from Team Rabobank and Jens Voigt from
Leopard Trek stepped out of their comfort zone and wrote to you.
Riders were even threatening with strikes, which is not something they would decide just like that; it shows that this is a serious case for them.
 So you finally invited some teams to have a chat about it.
A chat, because it couldn’t have been a serious conversation.
You keep on persisting in your opinion and hardly anyone understands it.
In fact, over 70% of the riders and teams don’t agree with you.
I personally think that the safety argument alone should be enough
to convince you of the importance of radio communication.
Stories like those of Jelle Lugten and Pedro Horrillo.
That the radio ban could make races a bit more interesting to watch shouldn’t be the key argument in this whole discussion.
The majority of cycling fans care more about the riders’ safety anyway.
Who are you to decide that radio communication should stop when
the majority of the riders you ‘punish’ would like to keep it?
In fact, why ban something that you supported for so many years?
Young riders aren’t used to riding without their radio.
In dangerous situations it could lead to panic and serious accidents.
Radio communication is not a joke.
It’s actually way more important than you think.
UCI, it’s high time to face the facts and listen to the riders.
You shouldn’t forget that you owe everything to them.
They represent cycling, the sport we all love.
Or should we all think that some of you might actually…
Need a hearing aid?


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