Stubborn Boys

9 February 2011

Stubborn boys.
You’ll find them in all sports.
Cycling is one of them.
Stubborn boys make their own choices.
It doesn’t matter if they’re wrong or right.
Stubborn boys want to achieve their goals as fast as possible.
They won’t settle until they’ve reached the top.
And even that top isn’t good enough.
Stubborn boys always want more.
They go where they want to go, live where they want to live.
They don’t need anyone to coach them or give them some advice.
Stubborn boys don’t listen.
They only hear what they want to hear.
What they think is the best thing to do.
What’s best for them, that is.
We all have choices, we all make mistakes.
Stubborn boys too.
It’s hard to get at the top and stay there.
You have to keep your eyes on the road,
stay focused and not fall off your bike.
Cycling is all about choices, actually.
Do you have to attack? Stay with your teammate? Chase the leading group?
One wrong choice and you could throw it all away.
What if you already made the wrong choice?
Long before the race even started.
Sometimes you have to take a step back in order
to be able to take two steps forward again.
Sometimes you have to listen to others.
Burn the past and move ahead.
Turn left where you once turned right.
But stubborn boys never listen.


One response to “Stubborn Boys

  1. I can tell you, this is awesome. Good job, girls 😉

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