Dance, Dance, Dance

You probably saw Michael ‘Bling’ Matthews from Team Rabobank showing off his dance skills in the Tour Down Under. It actually brought him a lot of luck, because that same day he managed to win his first race as a pro cyclist. Lately it seems that there is a connection between riding a bike and moving your hips from left to right. Not that I’m saying that every rider is by definition also a great dancer, but there are definitely some riders trying to realise that idea.

Did you ever see one of the Dancing With The Stars shows? In Denmark it got the name Vild med dans and celebrities competed against each other to become a Danish dance hero. Danish cyclist Michael Rasmussen was among the celebrities who dared to show their moves on national television. When Michael got banned from procycling for two years in 2007 he kept on cycling, but it was hard for him to get signed by a good cycling team when he returned in 2009. So in 2010 he decided to give dancing a try.

What’s in a name? The third rider I’m about to discuss is also called Michael. Or we could also say: what’s in a team name? All three riders are or were riding for Team Rabobank. In The Netherlands the new season of the dance show Skating with Celebrities started off last Friday.. and one of the celebrities is former pro cyclist Michael Boogerd! Michael takes the rider-that-dances-thing a step further though, because he is going to dance on ice.

Where Michael Rasmussen wasn’t that succesful, Michael Boogerd might actually have a chance at staying in the show for a while and maybe even reach the finale. With four times 8 points out of 10 from the jury, he immediately became one of the favorites. The public was enthusiastic too, because they voted for Michael to come back next week to show more of his dance moves. Who knows, maybe more riders are now inspired to pursue a dance career after procycling… and if your surname is Barry, Rogers or van Staeyen, the chances are even bigger.


One response to “Dance, Dance, Dance

  1. Great post girls!
    I didn’t know that Rasmussen had taken part in ‘Dancing with the stars’!
    I would feel terribly ashamed if I had to dance on national tv, but apparently guys named Michael and riding for Rabobank don’t have problems with it!
    However, my favourite dancer amongst those 3 is Michael Matthews 🙂

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