Dear Thor

8 October 2010

Dear Thor,
What’s it like to be a world champion?
To take the jersey home?
The rainbow jersey…
Your sprint was fabulous.
No one could keep your wheel.
You really surprised me, you know.
I didn’t think it would come to a sprint anymore.
You did, didn’t you?
You just stayed calm, never got nervous,
not one single attack until the last kilometre.
Or should I say the last 200 metres?
When Gilbert attacked, I thought it was the attack of the day.
That he would make it to the finish on his own.
I already pictured him proudly wearing the rainbow jersey.
I forgot about you.
How could I, right?
The massive, strong bloke from Norway.
You just did it.
You are wearing the jersey for one year.
They say it brings bad luck.
I know it won’t do that to you.
You’re a Viking.
Your name is Thor.
You come from Norway.
For the next season, luck will be on your side.

PS: Great people, those Australians,
but they should have played the full national anthem of Norway.
So here you can listen to it anytime you want!
(Oh, and wear your rainbow jersey to make it extra special!)

[© Luca Bettini]


One response to “Dear Thor

  1. Nice post. I knew Thor would have raced well in the Worlds, but I thought that Breschel, Pozzato and Freire would have ridden faster than him in the last sprint. And instead, I was wrong.Chapeau to Thor then! He was simply perfect on Sunday 🙂

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