Tough Beginning

6 September 2010

The first rest day in the Vuelta is already here.
The first week brought us beautiful mountain stages and nice sprints.
Though ‘something different’ was going on this year.
There are always a few riders getting ill during a grand tour,
but this time it was more than just a few.
Team Sky was the most affected team.
At first a lot of their riders seemed to have food poisening,
but later on it got qualified as a virus infection.
Juan Antonio Flecha even had to stay in the hospital for a few hours.
Then something far worse happened.
Txema González, a masseur and team helper at Team Sky, passed away.
He got a bacterial infection and died within a few days.
He was only 43 years old.
There was one positive note: it had nothing to do with the virus infection,
so the riders from Team Sky did not have to go into quarantine.
The team did decide to leave the Vuelta after this all,
which is ofcourse completely understandable.
Team Sky was not the only team with illnesses though.
During the week there were more riders complaining about their health.
You could even see it during the stages.
Carlos Barredo, for example, made eating signs and then pulled a sad face.
You could also find a lot of information on Twitter.
Simon Gerrans actually revealed quite a lot of details.
On the other hand, his tweet saying “I just spent another day spewing in Spain”
may have included a little bit too much information…
Let’s hope no one was eating while reading that tweet!
But to be serious: let’s hope the upcoming week
will bring lots of positivity back into the peloton.
Last week Philippe Gilbert got the red jersey for a while
and Igor Antón is wearing it at the moment.
The differences in the classification are minimal.
This means that the Vuelta is still very exciting to follow,
so let’s see what the upcoming two weeks will bring us…

Our heart goes out to the family and friends of Txema González.
May he rest in peace.

© Sirotti


One response to “Tough Beginning

  1. Awesome post, amazing pic!
    Still super sad about Txema, it’s a so difficult situation for all the guys… :/
    Well, the race goes on… Amazing Vuelta! Phil is looking good, I think he will be a big threat in the Worlds…
    It did surprise me a bit what happened with Purito though, he was looking fantastic! Antón is doing an awesome Vuelta as well, classy rider 🙂 And, (of course :p), I hope Vincenzo can show why he was 3rd in the Giro and why he is such a great rider 🙂

    Keep doing this amazing job, girls 🙂

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