Episode 2 – “Maths”

If there’s something I hate, it’s maths, Andy thought.
He went to his place in class, front row, looking bored.
Alberto was sitting next to him, both were close to the teacher’s desk.
He, unlike Andy, thought maths was a very interesting subject.
Laurens, Lance and Fränk were sitting in the back of the class.
They were throwing paper airplanes to each other.
Andy was jealous, he would have loved to join them.
He always went to sit in the front though, because
he really wanted to improve his maths skills.
The seat next to Andy was still empty.
Not for long though, because Robert entered the room.
He smiled at Andy while he sat down next to him.
”So, did you do your homework?” he asked and Andy sighed.
”I didn’t get it. All those percentages
and numbers… I keep messing things up.”
Sammy stopped at their table and tapped Robert on the shoulder.
”Hey, did you understand that exercise with the graphic?”
Robert nodded yes and tried to explain it.
”First it goes down and then straight up, a rise of over 11%.”
Then Denis walked by, a boy who never
said that much, but was very good at maths.
”A rise of 11,2%” he said immediately and Robert nodded approving.
All of a sudden Ivan walked by the table, closely followed by Alejandro.
”Homework done?” they asked simultaneously, ”can we copy it?”
”No!” answered Denis right away.
Robert coughed, laughed a little and looked shy in front of him.
Ivan and Alejandro were disappointed and walked away.
”Little rascals” whispered Robert while laughing.
That was also the moment Cadel came walking in and sat down.
Last year Cadel was still asking others to help him.
This year though, he improved so much, that he did
all the exercises on his own and got the best results of all of them.
Then the teacher, Mr. Bahamontes, entered the room with his bike.
He always parked his bike in the classroom, because
he wasn’t able to be without it, not even for a second.
Rumour has it he even sleeps with his bike right next to him.
In fact, Bahamontes had to retire a long time ago, but was still
there because he wanted to show everyone the beauty of maths.
The old Bahamontes took a seat behind his desk
and looked at the boys with sparkling eyes.
”Robert, come stand over here.”
Robert stood up and walked with his long, clumsy legs up front.
“Explain how you did exercise one for us Robert.”
Bahamontes did not have to say that twice.
Within 30 seconds the whole blackboard
was full with graphics and formulas.
Alberto gave Robert a thumbs up, he had the same answer.
Robert smiled. Andy put his finger up.
Robert had to sit down again,
while Bahamontes explained it all again to Andy.
Robert.. that boy is going to be big someday.. Bahamontes thought.


One response to “Maths

  1. Thank you for explaining some of it to me Marleen, this is AMAZING ❤
    Great work girls 😉

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