6 August 2010

There’s one thing that will stay with me after the Tour de France of 2010.
All the waving from the riders.
Into the camera, that is.
I always wondered whom they were waving to.
Their mom? Dad? Girlfriend?
Kids maybe? Grandma?
To their biggest enemy? Or old friend?
‘Look at me, I’m riding here and you’re sitting at a desk from 9 to 5!’
It’s actually quite funny the riders even had time for it,
because most of the waving was during a mountain stage.
The last thing you want to do is wave when you have to climb, right?
Well, not this year I suppose.
There was a lot of waving.
There was ‘the nodd’ from Lance Armstrong,
Hincapie did a quick wave,
Linus Gerdemann gave a lovely smile,
Andy Schleck did it, even Alberto Contador waved one time.
There was the waving of Bouet when he couldn’t follow the leading group.
He looked into the camera, his hand waving a bit, like he was saying:
‘Why are they riding so damn fast?’
One rider didn’t do it just once.
No, Alexandre Vinokourov waved at least four times into the camera.
Like it was his second job.
First a smile, then a wave.
He even did a thumbs up to Alberto.
Wherever Alexandre was, there was waving.
I guess the waving is a part of the peloton.
It’s a greeting to home, to fans or just for fun.
Ofcourse there is always someone who has to do it better than the rest.
Lars Boom had the guts to “wave” at a very special moment.
He was in full speed in the peloton on the Champs-Élysées.
A camera aside the road, the peloton passes,
he sees the camera and there it was.
A smile.
It only lasted one second,
but that was good enough for me.
Yes, Mark Cavendish won,
but to me Lars Boom was the rider of the day.
Vino though, was the absolute #1
of the Tour ‘10 in the category “waving”.


One response to “Waving

  1. I LOVE this post! Great job girls 😉

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