Cycling and animals…
Why would there be a connection?
Really, there is one.
Ofcourse everyone is free in bringing their dog to a cycling race.
Not keeping your dog on a leash isn’t an option though.
It’s happening too often that a dog is walking in the way.
Marcus Burghardt even fell over a dog in the Tour de France of 2007.

Dogs are not the only animals causing trouble…
Horses, sheep and cats are also being mentioned in a lot of cycling stories.
Can you imagine…
Horses in the middle of the peloton?
Ben Hermans hitting a cat in the Tour of Belgium of 2009?
Sheep crossing the small road on the Tourmalet?
It happened, it really did.
You can’t blame the animals though…
Mostly it’s the fault of their careless owners.
So if you love cycling, then don’t forget to look after your animals.
You might prevent a lot of dangerous situations…

Sheep on the Tourmalet during the 17th stage
of the Tour de France 2010.
[© Bogdan Cristel – Reuters]


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