The Bus

Episode 1 – “The Bus”

Once upon a time there were a bunch of boys who,
whenever they saw a mountain, took the bus to school.
All together, chatting, having fun.
Letting those other boys who had to ride so hard do their thing.
As long as the bus arrived on time these boys didn’t care.
With veteran Erik as their bus driver,
the boys knew they had nothing to worry about.
In the front of the bus there was a discussion going on between the nerds.
Mark knew exactly how far it still was to school.
Greg calculated how long it took them to get there with the current speed.
André and Tom were confused about all those sums.
Behind them a few boys were practising their spelling.
 Robbie thought it was very difficult.
Tyler and Graeme totally agreed with him.
Filippo was staring out the window.
He waved at every beautiful girl that he saw.
At the same time there was a lot of buzz in the back of the bus.
The other Mark, with dark curls, dominated the conversation.
 All eyes were on him.
He was telling stories about Tom and André.
Apparently Tom did something very bad,
but never got punished for it, or expelled from school.
All of a sudden someone screamed.
“My bag, my bag, I forgot my bag!”
Forgetful, day-dreaming, always losing everything.
That can only be Oscar.
Everyone was laughing.
Thor, a tall and big boy, was laughing the loudest.
He grabbed Oscar’s bag from under a chair and held it up in the air.
It made Theo, a newcomer, stare.
He hoped that one day he would be as strong as Thor.
Slowly the school came in sight.
The bus started to slow down and stopped
right in front of the school’s playground.
A lot of bikes were already parked there.
All the boys were standing around Alberto.
Apparently he was the first one who arrived at school again.
The bus door fell open and all the boys wanted to get out at the same time.
Mark was fast, but Robbie and Thor were faster this time.
Mark lost his temper and threw his bag on the floor.
Erik, the bus driver, tried to calm him down.
Then the noise of the school bell filled the playground.
All the boys went inside.
But who was still on his way to school?
A boy with dark curls gave everything he still had left.
Then he entered the playground on his bike.
He locked it, ran to the door and got to his class just in time.
His name was Kenny.
He would often miss the bus and then
he had to cycle the whole way to school all by himself.
But he always arrived in time, every single day.
That’s why it’s so important to be in the bus.
Then you don’t have to stress about getting to school in time.


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