Never a dull moment in the Tour de France… There were a lot of ‘battles’ in the peloton the last few days because of the sprint stages. Everyone wanted to be in the front so a lot of riders pushed and pulled. Today the Tour didn’t only look like a battlefield, it WAS a battlefield.

Robbie McEwen just after his crash. [©]

Robbie McEwen (KAT) was already injured after a fall in the second stage, but on top of that he crashed into a cameraman just after today’s finish. The cameraman wanted to follow Mark Cavendish (who won the stage) and therefore didn’t pay attention to other riders, including McEwen. The Australian sprinter (38) gave a reaction on the incident on his Twitter:

“Un-f-believable. Got taken out at 60km/h by a podium chaperone 75m after finish. He literally jumped in front & ran into me. Nothing broken. My back is so sore. I want him identified and expelled. Just too ridiculous for words what he did. I hope I can ride tmoro. I mean WTF.”

Carlos Barredo just after his fight with Rui Costa. [©]

When you think that was already quite a happening, there was more! Two riders got into a real fight.. and there was even a wheel involved! Carlos Barredo (QST) and Rui Costa (GCE) were the ones who weren’t man enough to solve their issues with words today. Barredo even had a bleeding nose! Both riders apologized afterwards and got a fine from the Tour organisation. Barredo said the following words on his Twitter: “after the race, nervous, hot and tired … big mistake … sorry to everybody for my horrible spectacle!!! Sorry I’m really sad!!”

Juanma Garate (RAB) tries to calm down Carlos Barredo. [©]

You can watch the fight here:


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