18 June 2010

Champagne spraying.
You can pull it off or not.
You don’t see the real champagne sprayers in the Tour.
It seems as if it is beneath the status of this famous race.
No, if you want to see the real champagne sprayers,
you have to watch the Giro and the Vuelta.
There you can see riders go on a spree after a day of hard work.
Some of them a little bit too much.
They spray champagne everywhere and over everyone.
Others only spray for a few seconds and then take a big drink.
There is one rider though, who is the best at this job.
First he shakes the bottle, then he gets the cork off and
this always results in a lovely bow of champagne.
You know, an honouring can be dull sometimes…
but every time he got that champagne bottle,
you couldn’t help but pay extra attention to the tv screen.
Can he do it better than last time?
But there it was: an even more wonderful champagne celebration.
Giro winner Basso also did a good job this year.
Sörensen, Evans, Vino and Lloyd put up quite a show as well.
Though no one can beat this one particular rider.
You just can’t get enough of his champagne celebrations.
Denis Menchov:
Champion champagne spraying.

© Cor Vos


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