Motors and Hamsters

Doping in procycling, it seems to be a never-ending story. Lately though, there are rumours about riders who seem to have found a new unlawful strategy to cycle faster. They call it “mechanic” or “motorised doping” and it means that the rider has a little engine in his bike. Fabian Cancellara is one of the main suspects, because he “cycled like a motor” during the Spring. There is a movie about it on YouTube, in which people want to prove that Cancellara is guilty. The rider from Team Saxobank has “denied using a motor in his bike during the Spring Classics” though. The UCI is going to discuss the situation, even though there is no evidence that can be taken seriously according to Pat McQuaid.

Overall it is a very strange story that all of a sudden got a lot of media attention. True or not, people are already joking about it.. For example, Tom Boonen doesn’t have an engine in his bike, no, he has a hamster!


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