19 May 2010

I like rain.
You know, after a few hot days rain can be quite refreshing.
But most of the time I don’t like rain.
I bet the riders in the Giro feel the same way right now.
It is raining a lot this year.
It already started in Amsterdam.
Well, that’s to be expected,
people say it always rains in Holland (which isn’t true!).
But no one expected that the rain would continue in Italy.
It did.
And not that fine drizzling rain, no.
Heavy rain.
More rain than even the roads could take.
Some riders made fun of it by making swim strokes with their arms.
Others couldn’t wait to be in the bus with a nice warm cup of soup in their hands.
So could someone please stop this rain?
From now on I want the remaining days in the Giro to be sunny and hot!
I’d rather see riders throw water in their faces, because it’s too hot,
than that they are soaking wet and completely unrecognizable!
I want to see their sunglasses shine in the sun.
I want to see them climbing up that hill with their
shirts open and not with a raincoat on!
Shivering, begging to be at home, cursing the rain.
Shine, sun, shine!

© Associated Press


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